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Wooden Showcase Designs For Hall – Fabulous Designs

    Wooden Showcase Designs For Hall/ Wooden Showcase Designs For Living Room

    When we talk about decorating the living room of any home, the first thing that comes to mind is the decoration of walls. Because walls occupy most of the space of the living room and empty walls do not justify any decor theme.

    In Indian homes, it is quite a tradition to use wooden showcases for displaying the showpieces and items. These wooden showcases are either mounted on the wall or placed alongside them.

    We are listing here some modern and stylish wooden showcase designs for the hall/living room that you can use for your home.

    Lopsided Box Design

    This wooden showcase design for the hall is modern and unique, it has ample space to display a lot of items such as lamps, books, vases, etc.

    Multiple Triangles

    Another urban design for showcasing your items, this design is easy to replicate, if you some basic knowledge of carpentry then you can also do it yourself.

    Right Angles

    This design is for people who are fans of minimalist themes, it is easy to make and looks fabulous on the walls.


    This design of adjoining hexagons gives you an equal amount of space for keeping your vases, lamps, books, etc, you may play with them to give it any kind of shape.

    Showcase Twins

    This is a design with two big-size showcases which are mirror copies of each other, the design is simple but looks beautiful, it is ideal for big living rooms where space is not an issue.

    Ladder Showcase

    Ladder designs are pretty much in trend these days, they are very simple to make, they look amazing and they give you a lot of space to store your stuff.

    “V” Showcase

    This design is inspired by the letter “V” which has been used once as normal and once as inverted for supporting the shelves, it is a cool design that will look great in your living room.

    Spherical Showcase

    This design gives you an impression of a sphere emerging out of the wall, a unique design that will definitely attract the viewers plus it gives you a lot of space to store your items.

    Tree Design

    A minimalist theme inspired design that mimics a tree and its branches, it does not give you a lot of shelf space but it looks pretty unique.

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