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Wooden False Ceiling – Unique Amazing New Designs

    Getting a wooden false ceiling in your home can be the best thing that you can do to your rooms. In this modern age, almost every homeowner uses false ceilings to give a stunning look to the rooms.

    A wooden false ceiling has the power to completely change the look of a room. There are so many varieties of wooden false ceilings that you can choose from. And all of these varieties look classy and elegant.

    Having a wooden ceiling is something that will make your room stand out from the other ones. Let’s have a look at some of the unique and amazing wooden false ceiling designs.

    1. Classy Wooden False Ceiling

    wooden false ceiling design

    A classic wooden false ceiling is something that will give your home a royal look. This traditional ceiling will make your room shine with elegance.

    It is very easy to design and match all the other elements of the room with this kind of ceiling. Make sure to use a beautiful chandelier with this sealing to double the ‘wow’ factor.

    2. Simple Strips Ceiling

    wooden stripes false ceiling

    This is one of those wooden ceilings that you can get for any of your rooms. It is simple and elegant and as such it will complement most of the design themes.

    You should properly use the LED lights in the ceiling to enhance its beauty. This kind of ceiling is perfect for your bedroom and hall.

    3. Octagon Wooden Ceiling

    octagon wooden false ceiling

    An expert can easily make an octagon wooden false ceiling by joining the wooden strips in the shape of an octagon. The hexagons and octagons are very much in trend these days.

    You can use the wood columns, as shown above, optionally if they suit your requirement. These octagons give a fresh and modern look to your wooden ceiling.

    4. Hanging Wooden Ceiling

    If you do not wish to spend much on the whole wooden ceiling then you can use this option. All you need to do is get a beautiful wooden piece crafted, like this one.

    This wooden piece can be hung with the help of hooks and ropes beneath your ceiling. This will give an amazing new look to your living room.

    5. Diagonal Wooden False Ceiling

    wooden ceiling designs

    Arrange the wooden planks diagonally to form a beautiful and stunning wooden ceiling. This design is not very common and as such, it can act as a piece of attraction for your home.

    If you do not like the simple and banal designs for your ceilings, then this unique ceiling design will surely appeal to you.

    6. Long Column Design

    wooden false ceiling

    Using long straight columns of wood for making a ceiling is a very traditional method of making ceilings. But you can use this traditional method even today for making amazing ceilings.

    The wood columns when polished properly give a perfect shine to your ceiling. You can use this ceiling if you wish to give a traditional look to it.

    7. Wooden Mat

    wooden ceiling designs

    A wooden mat is an interesting way of making a wooden false ceiling. This type of sealing will require a very low budget. It will look simple, classy, and elegant in your rooms.

    It is also quite easy to install this type of wooden false ceiling in your room. So if you are on a budget then you can surely use this type of ceiling.

    How To Install A Wooden False Ceiling

    A wooden false ceiling has to be installed properly so that it may survive for a long period of time. You should take the help of an expert with proper experience in this field to install the wooden ceiling.

    The expenses on the installation in the time taken will depend on the design of the sealing opted by you. Some designs require less woodwork and accordingly they are easy to install.

    The first step in the process of installation is to measure the dimensions of the ceiling. Then the amount of wood that would be required is assessed as per the design and the area of installation.

    After that, the foundation is set for the ceiling. And it is fixed with the help of screws, bolts, and metal bars. Once the foundation is set, the woodwork is started to make an amazing wooden ceiling.

    1.Is wooden false ceiling expensive?It depends on a lot of factors like the design, quality of wood, amount of wood, and the space of your room. In general, it can be expensive than the Plaster of Paris false ceiling.
    2.Is wooden false ceiling durable?If quality wood is used for making the ceiling it will be durable. Also, the basic setup and foundation of the ceiling should be strong.
    3.Which wood is used for ceiling?There are many types of woods that are used for making wooden ceiling like teak, ebony, pine, oak, cedar, etc. Also, plywood is used in combination for making some of the parts.
    4. Can I make the ceiling myself?It depends on the expertise you have in this field. But if you do not have much knowledge you should take the help of an expert. A loose ceiling can pose a serious risk for you and your family.
    5.Where can you use wooden ceiling?A wooden false ceiling can be used as per your liking in any of your rooms. It can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom, gallery, and balcony if you have sufficient space.

    Advantages Of Wooden False Ceiling

    • A wooden false ceiling is comparatively easier to install and remove. You can even reuse it, unlike the PoP false ceiling.
    • Wooden ceilings give you the option for a variety of choices in color, finishing, texture, polishing, et cetera.
    • Wooden false ceilings are very eco-friendly as they do not cause any harm to nature after they are disposed of.
    • The biggest advantage that the wooden ceiling gives you is the strength of the ceiling. It is way stronger than its other counterparts.
    • A wooden ceiling provides you a peaceful surrounding as it absorbs a lot of unwanted noise and nuisance.
    • Wood is naturally a good heat insulator, as such, it saves your room from the external heat and keeps it cooler.
    • The wooden ceiling also helps you to keep your energy costs at a low level especially during the summer season.

    Where To Use Wooden Ceiling

    You can use a wooden false ceiling in any of your rooms, kitchen, bathroom, gallery, or balcony. You can use the ceiling anywhere you want in your home as long as space, theme, and budget supports you.

    When using this ceiling in an outside place like a balcony or porch you should make sure that it does not get wet with rainwater. If the wood in the ceiling absorbs water then it may start causing problems for you.

    The good thing with a wooden ceiling is that it does not require a lot of maintenance once it has been installed properly. Although the maintenance and the performance will also depend on the type of wood and the quality of wood that has been used for making the ceiling.

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