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Wooden Centre Table Designs – Modern Designs For You

    The Centre table forms a very important part of your living room decor, it is placed at the place where you, your friends and family spend a lot of time. So it becomes very important that you choose the center table wisely in accordance with the theme of your living room decor.

    Wooden centre tables are very popular and there are tons of wooden centre table designs to choose from. We are listing here some of the most beautiful wooden centre table designs which are modern, attractive, durable, and may very well become the centerpiece of attraction for your living room.

    Two-Piece Table

    This wooden centre table design showcases the blend of modern and traditional design, it just uses two wooden pieces, in which one is flat at the top, and the other which is bent in the middle has been used as the support piece.

    Round Edge Table

    This design showcases the use of rounded wooden blocks along with the tempered glass top in the middle part which beautifully complements the dark brown color of the wooden part.

    Modern Triangular Table

    This wooden centre table design is very modern and stylish, it is a design which will stand apart amongst all the other items, it will go along with almost all the themes of decoration for your living room.

    “S” Shaped Table

    This wooden centre table design gives you ample space to keep your stuff handy, the design makes the table strong and durable so that it can withstand the test of time.

    Rectangular Table

    This simple traditional design makes the table look more attractive, it is supported by small metal legs, and the contrasting black glass top adds to the beauty of the table.

    All Round Rectangular Table

    This wooden center table design showcases the round design on all the edges of the table, the table does not have any legs and as such it steadily rests on the floor, it has a lot of space to keep your daily use items.

    Open Modern Table

    This table design has a modern taste to it, it has only two wooden blocks which are connecting the upper and bottom part of the table, it has a lot of open space which can be used for storing the accessories.

    Glass Top Table

    This wooden centre table design looks fabulous, the contrasting white and black colors give it a fresh look, it is a small-sized table that can be used for any living room.

    Modern Round Table

    A round table design that exhibits style and elegance, the wooden planks have been beautifully joint with each other to create a great design, and the transparent glass top goes along very well.

    Two Planks Table

    Another great modern design for a wooden centre table, the design is pretty simple and looks very natural, the rawness of this design is the standout feature.

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