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Wall Clock Vastu – Most Effective Tips For Prosperity

    Having knowledge of wall clock Vastu dos and don’ts can be a big advantage for you and your family. If you use the wall clock as per Vastu guidelines then it can help you to enhance the positive energy in your home. The wall clock is a symbol of growth and prosperity and as such, you should use it properly.

    Placing the wall clock in the wrong direction may not seem a big deal but it can be one of the biggest mistakes. The clock is the instrument that helps you to manage everything in life. It is very truly said that time is money, and the clock is something that helps you to keep track of it. As such, clocks help you to manage your wealth.

    Clocks have a big impact on your life. This impact can be either positive or negative depending on how you use it. So, you should use the clocks in such a way that it gives you happiness. It should make you feel calm and pleasant. This is possible if you can follow some easy and simple wall clock Vastu tips. 

    Wall Clock Vastu

    Best Direction For Wall Clock As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu guidelines you should preferably hang the wall clock on the wall in the North direction of the room. This direction is the most favorable direction for placing the wall clock in your home.

    You can also place the wall clock on the wall in the East, Northeast, Northwest direction. These directions are also favorable for the placement of the wall clocks in the room. You should avoid placing the wall clock on the wall in the South or West directions of the room.

    S. No.DirectionFavorable/Not Favorable
    1.NorthVery Favorable
    3.EastVery Favorable
    5.SouthNot Favorable
    6.SouthwestNot Favorable
    7.WestNot Favorable

    Shape Of Wall Clock As Per Vastu

    Wall Clock Vastu Shape

    As per Vastu principles, the wall clock should be of regular shapes like square, rectangular, or circular. You can also use hexagonal and octagonal shape wall clocks if you want, but the regular shapes are preferable. You must avoid using wall clocks that have very irregular shapes.

    Color Of Wall Clock As Per Vastu

    The right color for the wall clock depends on the direction in which you place it. If you hang the wall clock in the north direction of the room then you can use yellow or green color in the watch.

    If you are placing the wall clock in the East direction then you should use the white or blue color in the watch. When placing the watch in the Southeast direction you can use color having a brown or dark red base.

    Wall Clock Vastu – Most Effective Tips

    Wall Clock Vastu Tips
    • You should prefer using a clock in which the second-hand moves continuously, it denotes continuous progress with time.
    • Make sure that the wall clock does not run slower than the exact time. It should either be exact on time or else it can be a little bit faster.
    • You must ensure to not place the wall clock on the wall that has the headrest of the bed against it.
    • You should immediately either replace or repair the wall clock that is not working. Do not keep such a clock hanging in your home.
    • Do not let any cobweb or any other kind of dirt accumulate behind the wall clock. Clean the wall properly at regular intervals.
    • If the glass on the wall clock cracks or breaks then you should change it as early as possible.
    • Avoid placing the clock on the side table of your bed. Make sure that clock is not the first thing you see when you wake up.
    • If you look at the clock as soon as you get up you will have thoughts of being late, oversleeping, etc. This can make you anxious.
    • When you place the wall clock in your bedroom you must make sure that it does not show your reflection while lying on the bed.
    • To get good vibes from the wall clock you can also hang positive paintings or motivational quotes along the side of the clock.
    • You can also use clocks that come in form of collage to keep your happy family photos, this will make you happy and joyous whenever you see the time.
    • One can use a wall clock with a pendulum in the home. This placement of this clock in the East direction is auspicious.
    • The wall clock should not be placed on the top of the main gate of the house, it is considered inauspicious as per Vastu.
    • You can also use a wall clock that makes a sweet sound or tone on the completion of each hour. 

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