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Vastu Remedies For Negative Energy – Best Tips To Remove Negativity

    Many people are interested in knowing about effective Vastu remedies for negative energy to reduce the effect of this negative energy. This negative energy can become dominant in a home because of several reasons.

    Depending on the severity of the Vastu Dosh or Vastu defect this negative energy can have a very deep or mild impact on the quality of life. If this negative energy becomes competent enough to overcome the positivity in the home then it can become a big problem.

    It can lead to health problems for the family members, financial losses, depression and anxiety issues, hindrances in growth and success, dearth of opportunities, marriage-related issues, and other such problems.

    Vastu Remedies For Negative Energy

    So if you are facing any such problems in your life then you should go for a Vastu audit of your home. It will help you to understand the Vastu dosh in your home and its impact on your life. And it will help you to take corrective measures against is Vastu dosh.

    What Are The Signs Of Negative Energy In The Home

    It is quite easy to assess whether there is a dominance of negative energy in the home or not. All you have to do is look at the general atmosphere in the home and how do you feel when you stay in that particular place.

    You will naturally feel at ease and comfortable in a place where there is a free flow of positive energy. Some of the signs that you can look for the presence and dominance of negative energy in a home or place are as follows.

    Signs Of Negative Energy In Home
    1. There will be frequent arguments and quarrels between the family members over small things.
    2. One will not feel happy and joyous continuously for a long period of time in such a place.
    3. The inhabitants will face many obstructions and hindrances in their personal and official life.
    4. Most of the family members especially women will face health-related issues on a routine basis.
    5. The unnecessary and unwanted expenditures of the family will become very high.
    6. Bachelors in the family will face problems in finalizing the marriage proposal.
    7. The guests and visitors will not feel the warmth and won’t enjoy their stay in such a place.
    8. Depression, anxiety, sadness, and other such psychological problems will affect members of the family.
    9. The newlywed couples will face compatibility issues and the bride may face fertility problems.
    10. The male family members will find it hard to achieve any kind of success in their business or profession.

    Correct Placement Of Major Structural Elements

    The first thing that you need to check in your home is the correct placement of major structural elements like bedroom, pooja room, bathroom, dining room, etc. If these elements are in the wrong place then they can become a source of negative energy bounty.

    These structural elements are capable of creating serious Vastu dosh in the home. So if you are able to identify the wrong placement of these basic elements of a home. You can rearrange the rooms to get rid of the negative energy in the home.

    How To Remove Negative Energy From The Home

    How To Remove Negative Energy From Home

    The first step in the treatment of any kind of disease is the correct diagnosis of the disease. Similarly, as per Vastu Shastra if you are able to correctly diagnose the cause of negative energy in the home then you can solve this problem quite easily.

    In Vastu Shastra, there are several remedies through which you can counter the negative energy very effectively. So you need not worry if there is a presence of negative energy in your home. In this article, we are going to discuss many general remedies that you can try in your home.

    These remedies are very effective and helpful in treating the problems in most homes. But if you do not feel relief even after trying all these remedies then you can take the help of a Vastu expert. He or she will help you to arrange a Vastu Shanti puja to remove negative energy from the home.

    Effective Vastu Remedies For Negative Energy

    Vastu Remedies For Negative Energy Effective
    1. If there is any broken tile or stone in the flooring of your home then you should replace it as early as possible to get rid of negative energy.
    2. You should properly maintain the pooja room in the house in the right direction and place. And at least one family member should daily worship and clean the pooja mandir.
    3. The doors and windows in the home should be in perfect condition. They should not make any kind of creepy noise while closing and opening.
    4. All the places in the home should have proper ventilation. Make sure that you get maximum light and ventilation from the North, East, and Northeast direction of the home.
    5. You can also keep rock salt in a bowl in the room in which you feel negative energy. This rock salt should be disposed of every Saturday and replace with the new one.
    6. As per Vastu mirrors play a very important role in energy flow. So you should place the mirrors in the right position, and dispose of broken mirrors.
    7. There should not be any sick or dry plant or tree in the home. Especially, there should be no such tree near the entrance gate of the home.
    8. You should let the sunlight and natural light enter your home daily. It is a major source of positivity and it effectively removes the negativity from the home.
    9. There should be proper lighting in your home, especially at the entrance gate. The rooms which you use regularly should never be dark and gloomy.
    10. You should not keep any junk item obsolete item in the home. Search unnecessary items if lying in the home can be a source of huge negative energy.
    11. Peacock feathers are also very auspicious as per Vastu shastra. So to remove the negativity from the place you can keep a bunch of peacock feathers in a vase.
    12. Do not let any kind of cobweb and spiderweb make a home in your space. Watch out all the corners for any such webs and clear them at the earliest.
    13. Playing mantra or chant music in the home, especially in the morning time brings positivity and good vibes in the home. And also improves the general atmosphere of the home.
    14. Vastu pyramids are also a very effective way of enhancing the positive energy in the home. This helps you to counter the negativity in a particular place.
    15. For maintaining the positive energy in the home and removing the negative energy placing Panchmukhi Hanuman Murti is also very propitious and beneficial.
    16. All the areas in your home should always remain clutter-free and clean. Do not let the dust and dirt accumulate in any area of the home.

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