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Vastu Pyramid | One Solution To Many Problems

    Vastu pyramid is one of the best tools that Vastu science provides for eliminating the negative energy and amplifying the positive energy and its positive effects in a home or commercial space. The word ‘Pyra’ represent flame or energy, and the word ‘mid’ means center. Hence the word pyramid describes a place or structure with enormous energy at its center.

    Vastu pyramids are used to rectify various Vastu defects of residential and commercial spaces without forcing any kind of structural changes in the building. This tool becomes essentially very helpful in those places where structural changes are not possible. It is believed that the Vastu pyramid increases the energy of any direction by 108 times. As such it becomes very important to use the Vastu pyramid wisely.

    If you do not have sufficient knowledge of the principles of the Vastu pyramid then you should only use it under the advice of an expert. Each and every direction and component has its own significance in Vastu shastra. So while using this pyramid you need to understand what attributes you wish to amplify? Which direction’s influence do you want to increase? Which planet’s authority do you wish to increase? And a lot of other such questions.

    The pyramidical shape has the ability to generate and store a lot of positive energy in it. This is the reason you will find that the dome of most of the religious structures especially in Hindu culture are in a pyramidical shape. .

    vastu pyramid

    Vastu Pyramid Placement In House

    Vastu pyramid can be used at various places in your house. It can be used at the study table for helping the kids in maintaining focus and concentration. Some people use it in their bedrooms, some people use it in their offices, some people use it in the entrance area of their homes. So there are various applications of the Vastu pyramid that can be used as per the requirement and appropriate applicability.

    Vastu pyramids are most commonly used for rectifying the defects arising out of poor planning or wrong structural choices in a residential or commercial property. There can be many issues in a property like the positioning of the entrance door in an inappropriate direction, wrong positioning of a bedroom, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, or any other room in the house.

    While placing the Vastu pyramid inside the home it is very important to align this pyramid in the North and South axis of the home. It should also be ensured that the North and South axis are aligned with the center of the edges of the pyramid and not with the corners.

    The Vastu pyramid works best when the vacuum is present at its base. When there is a vacuum at the base of the pyramid it will create energy inside it. And this energy helps to increase the positive energy in the home. And nullifies the negative energy of the Vastu dosh.

    Vastu Pyramid Installation

    There are a few important factors that you should definitely consider while using a Vastu pyramid in your home. The first thing is that you should never install a pyramid with its tip pointing downwards i.e. towards the floor. Pyramids should always be placed with their tips pointing in an upwards direction. If for some reason that is not possible then the pyramid should be placed with a tip in the horizontal direction.

    Pyramids should be used to amplify the positive energy of any particular place. So if there is any negative energy component in a particular space then the Vastu pyramid can be strategically installed in such a way that it amplifies the positive energy of that place. This in turn eliminates the negative effect of the negative energy component, this is what you call Vastu dosh nivaran.

    Pyramids can be used in a concealed manner, inside the floor, under the false ceiling, or inside a cabinet. The benefit of the Vastu pyramid depends on the correct presence of the pyramid and not its visibility. This is the reason many experts suggest the use of Vastu pyramids by placing them underground beneath the ground surface of the plot. But one should make sure that even in underground placement the tip of the Vastu pyramid should always point only upwards.

    How To Use Vastu Pyramid

    Vastu pyramids are easily available in the local market and they are also available online in many different sizes. They are made up of various types of materials like crystal pyramids, metal pyramids, plastic pyramids, etc. But choosing and buying a Vastu pyramid is not as simple as buying just another item for your home. The way in which this pyramid function is scientific and it should be understood in terms of energy and power.

    So before finalizing the Vastu pyramid for your home you should consult an expert who can assess the requirement. He/ she will have to weigh in various factors like the positioning of various elements in your house, your desired results, structural complications, etc. before suggesting the right Vastu pyramid to fulfill your requirements.

    You should only buy a good quality pyramid suiting your requirement, from an authentic and genuine seller. It is believed that the effectiveness of the pyramids gets enhances if these pyramids are installed in the numbers like 3, 5, or 9.

    Types Of Vastu Pyramid

    The Vastu pyramids can be distinguished on the basis of size, material, and application. The type of material which is generally used for making the pyramid are copper, glass, brass, plastic, gold, silver, and iron.

    The other factor that decides the type of Vastu pyramid is the application of this pyramid. On the basis of the use of the pyramid, there are the following major types of Vastu pyramid.

    • Promax Pyramid – For project activation, project construction, building construction, and other such work.
    • Education Pyramid – For academic growth, and enhancing the knowledge and wisdom of the children.
    • Tiger Stone Pyramid – For enhancing the confidence and self-belief in oneself.
    • Rose Quartz Pyramid – For improving the relationships amongst family members and friends and for maintaining good terms with others.
    • Citrine Pyramid – For cleansing the energy levels of life and opening up of intuition.
    • Sphatik Pyramid – For suppressing the bad energy and for cleaning the spirit.
    • Black Tourmaline Pyramid – For transforming dense energy to a lighter level of vibration.
    • Flat Max Pyramid – For Correction of the home especially readily built flats and apartments.

    Benefits Of Vastu Pyramid

    • Vastu pyramids effectively reduce the negative or harmful energy in a home and they amplify the positive energy of that space.
    • Pyramids affect the aura of the people living in the range of these pyramids, and they promote a positive and healthy mindset.
    • Pyramids can be used for various purposes and if used properly they turn out to be very efficient and useful.
    • Vastu pyramids bring love and harmony to your relationships with your spouse and the other family members.
    • If used correctly these pyramids attract good luck, fortune, and a lot of opportunities in your life.
    • The positive energy from these Vastu pyramids brings good health for you and your family members.

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