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Vastu Purush – Concept, Mythology, Importance and All Details

    In India, Vastu shastra is given utmost importance by the majority of the people before considering any property-related deal. And Vastu purush is one of the most important concepts that one needs to learn in order to develop any kind of understanding of Vastu shastra. Vastu pooja is done by the people whenever a house, building, or factory is either constructed or bought.

    This Vastu pooja is done to please Vastu purush, it is believed that the home or commercial property should be built in such a way that it allows the Vastu purush to rest properly. If Vastu purush rests properly in the property then he showers happiness, peace, and prosperity in the lives of the inhabitants. This is why in our country Vastu purush is considered very important in Vastu Shastra.

    The Legend of Vastu Purush

    vastu purush

    According to the mythology, it is said that once Lord Shiva was at war with a demon named Andhak. And while fighting the sweat drops fell from the body of Lord Shiva, and Vastu purush was born from this sweat. Vastu purush was quite chaotic and hungry most of the time. He also had great powers which earned from Lord Shiva after much penance. 

    Due to this chaotic nature and hunger of Vastu purush, most of the other gods were afraid that he will destroy the whole universe and will turn it into a big chaos. Hence all the gods under the leadership of God Brahma decided to stop Vastu purush from doing so. So God Brahma called on the Gods of the eight directions to come and help him in stopping Vastu purush.

    And, all these Gods came for the rescue, and they grabbed the Vastu purush and overpowered him. They pinned him against the ground face down with his head in North-East and legs in South-West direction. When all the gods pressed Vastu purush face down to the earth he became enlightened and he asked for God Brahma’s forgiveness.

    Vastu Purush Mandala

    It is believed that all the gods still hold their position on the Vastu purush. And as such all these 45 gods are still considered to be present along with Vastu purush on every part of the earth. The structure representing the Vastu Purusha along with all the 45 gods is known as the ‘Vastu Purush Mandal’. It consists of 81 parts and these parts depict the names of the Gods that are pinning Vastu Purusha down to earth in their respective part.

    Out of the total 45 Gods, there are 32 Gods in the outer part and there are 13 Gods in the inner part. Different Gods are present in different parts of the Vastu Purusha Mandal. And each of these Gods governs different parts of human life as per their qualities. This is the reason that each and every part and direction have their own significance in the Vastu shastra.

    vastu purush mandal
    Vastu Purush Mandal

    Importance Of Vastu Purush

    It is believed that in satyug, tretayug and dvaparayuga all the houses were constructed according to Vastu principles, which made the life of all the people a lot easier. But in this kalyug, people have constructed most houses in an unplanned and chaotic way. These houses are not at all in line with nature and Vastu principles, and this is the reason Vastu purush is suffering below these houses.

    In an unplanned and mismanaged home plan, it becomes very uncomfortable for Vastu purush to fit in his body. So if the plan of the house is irregular it will make Vastu purush uncomfortable. And this will lead to many problems in the lives of the inhabitants. This is because as per the legend when Vastu purush asked God Brahma, what he will eat in such a situation. Lord Brahma replied that in golden, silver, and bronze age people will definitely make offerings to gods and therefore he will also have something to eat.

    But in kalyug when people will no longer have an understanding of right and wrong, god and devil. And when they won’t pay attention to nature and the divine then Vastu purush will have a right to eat people. This signifies that if we don’t make our houses in line with the laws of nature and Vastu. Then these houses will produce negative energy and will cause several problems for the inhabitants.

    Utilisation of Vastu Principles

    Vastu principles have been followed for many centuries and people who live in houses based on Vastu principles will definitely vouch for the importance of Vastu principles in their lives. Vastu principles advocate that symmetrical forms of construction have a much better impact on you. And if the houses are not symmetrical and in line with the cardinal directions, then it may cause unwanted and unpleasant energies to grow in your homes.

    It is much better for you to understand Vastu principles and then create a better, peaceful, and comfortable space for yourself that gives you the right kind of energy. The place built as per Vastu principles will not only provide you physical comfort but it will also ensure that you get better opportunities for the advancement of your career, a better relationship with your loved ones, financial success, and spiritual awakening.

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