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Vastu For Underground Water Tank – Most Important Tips

    In this article, we will discuss the correct positions for the underground water tank as per Vastu. Which are the places suitable for water storage in the house? How will you get benefitted by storing the water at the correct places? Where exactly can we make an underground water tank to attract wealth and prosperity? How correct water storage can help you to remove the negative energy from the house?

    Water is a very important component because it is strongly associated with wealth, money, and prosperity. If an underground water tank is not built at the correct place in the home then it can cause altercations, health issues, legal complications, and other such problems. The natural water resource like boring is preferably done in the North or Northeast part of the home but Vastu for the underground tank is not exactly the same.

    vastu for underground water tank

    Underground Water Tank Vastu

    The underground water tank is constructed by many households for additional storage of water so that this buffer can be used as and when required. The underground water tank is built by digging a big rectangular or square-shaped hole under the house. And this tank is extremely helpful in the areas that face a shortage of water. This tank is generally a large size tank as it needs to hold stock of more than 4-5 days.

    It is very important to understand the significance of the Vastu principles concerned with the underground water tank because it is a large size component. And, it can have noticeable effects either good or bad on the inhabitants of the house. When placed in the correct position the underground water tank produces favorable energies and brings health, prosperity, and wealth to the home.

    Best Direction For Underground Water Tank

    As per Vastu principles, the underground water tank can be constructed in the North direction, East direction, or the Northeast direction. The part of your home that corresponds to any of these three directions can be used for constructing the underground water tank. The preference of choosing the direction for construction of underground water tank out of these three directions may be fixed as per the suitability of the inhabitants. 

    When built in the North part of the home underground tank is believed to majorly attract the wealth and money component. And when built in the East direction it is believed to attract goodwill, name, and respect in the society. The North-Northeast part of your home is also considered optimum for the construction of the underground water tank. As such, if possible for you, this part can also be considered for the construction of the tank.

    The South direction and the West direction are not considered suitable for placing the underground water tank. So, if your layout is such, that there is no possibility of a tank or water source in the North direction, East direction, or the Northeast direction, then you should definitely consult a Vastu expert. He/she will help you to take the correct measures to mitigate the effect of the wrong direction.

    vastu for underground water tank

    Important Tips – Vastu For Underground Water Tank

    • An underground water tank is considered to be favorable in the Northeast part of your home. But you should not place your overhead tank in this part. Placing the overhead tank in this direction will lead to increasing the burden in the Northeast.
    • The underground water tank should not be constructed in the South and West parts of your home. This may lead to issues like a decrease in wealth, dearth of growing opportunities in career, health-related issues, etc.
    • The southeast corner corresponds to the fire element; as such the underground water tank should never be built in this part. Also, you should avoid building the tank in the Northwest direction and the Southwest direction.
    • The underground water tank should be cleaned from time to time. As the accumulated water if stored for a long period of time may turn bad. So once the water level in the tank goes down, you should clean it thoroughly.
    • The overhead water tank can be placed in the Southwest part of the terrace of your home. Increasing the weight component in this direction is considered to be good as per Vastu principles.
    • The terrace part above the toilet or staircases can also be used for placing the overhead tank in the home.

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