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Vastu For Staircase In Home – Most Important Tips And Remedies

    House owners who have multiple stories in their house must be aware of Vastu principles for the staircase. The staircase is the part that connects different levels of your home. As such to maintain the flow of positive energy throughout the house, it is imperative to place the staircase in the correct position.

    The placement of the staircase has been accorded a lot of importance in Vastu Shastra. And the main reason for this is the heaviness that the staircase brings in the part where it is placed. The staircase creates a permanent weight in the direction or part of the house where it is built. Hence the placement of the staircase in the right direction becomes very essential.

    Best Direction As Per Vastu For Staircase

    As per Vastu principles, the Southwest direction or the southwest corner of your plot is the best option for constructing a staircase. This is the part where the feet of Vastu purush are placed. And thus it is considered auspicious to keep this part heavy with permanent weight.

    vastu for staircase

    The South direction is also considered favorable for the construction of staircases in your home. This is the direction in which the right leg of Vastu purush is present. Another direction that is considered favorable for the construction of the staircase is the west direction. The left leg of Vastu purush is present in this direction.

    Staircase Vastu – Most Important Things To Do

    1. The staircase should go in a clockwise direction while climbing up. When we go upstairs the staircase should turn to the right side. This is considered to be the natural circular movement.
    2. The total number of steps in the staircase should always be in odd numbers. Avoid using an even number of stairs in a staircase.
    3. Stairs should be made in such a way that they are not clearly visible from the outside of the house.
    4. The staircase should consist of either rectangular or square-shaped stairs. These stairs should have a bend at right angles.
    5. The height of the stairs in the staircase should be optimum so that the stairs could be climbed comfortably.
    6. Space beneath the staircase should be either kept empty or it can be used for storage purpose.
    7. The space below the staircase should be kept clutter-free and it should be cleaned at regular intervals.

    Staircase – Most Important Things Not To Do

    1. The staircase should not be placed in the Northeast direction. This is the place where the head of Vastu purush is present. This part of the home should be preferably open or lightly constructed.
    2. You should never place the staircase exactly opposite the main gate of your house. This will act as a blockage or hindrance in the flow of energy.
    3. You should avoid using dark colors for painting the walls of the staircase. The dark colors make the staircase area dull and gloomy.
    4. One should avoid making a staircase that turns in an anticlockwise direction. The clockwise turn in the staircase is considered natural.
    5. Pooja room or mandir should never be placed beneath the staircase. This is a major Vastu defect and it may cause many problems in the house.
    6. Also, the toilet, study room, or kitchen should not be placed beneath the staircase. This place should not be kept dirty.
    7. The staircase should not be placed in the center of the home. This place is called Brahmasthan, and the stomach of Vastu purush is present in this area.
    8. One should avoid constructing circular and spiral-shaped staircases. The staircases should be in a rectangular or square-shaped form.
    staircase vastu

    Bad Effects Of Vastu Defects

    A staircase constructed in the wrong direction or the wrong part of your home can attract negative energy. This wrong construction of the staircase is a serious Vastu defect. And these Vastu defects can cause serious problems in your house.

    If the staircase is constructed in the North direction of your house, then it may lead to financial issues in the house. A staircase built in the Northeast direction can lead to health issues especially related to the head.

    A Vastu defect by a staircase built in the east direction can lead to maligning of your name and reputation in society. Staircase Vastu defect in the Southeast direction can lead to delay in opportunities and it can increase unwanted expenditures.

    Staircase Vastu defect in the Northwest direction can lead to problems in interpersonal relationships and legal problems. If the staircase is built in the center i.e. Brahmasthan, it can lead to continuous problems in the house.

    Vastu Remedies For Wrong Staircase Placement

    A staircase is a place that should be well planned before starting the construction process. Once the staircase is built in the wrong direction it is not possible to shift it without making constructional changes.

    It is also very important to plan properly because there are no cent percent solutions for the Vastu defects of the staircase. This is because Vastu remedies can help you to counter the negative energies to a certain extent only.

    Also, you would need to take care of a good Vastu expert to properly analyze the Vastu defect at your place. If the staircase is in the wrong direction then he or she can suggest using a consecrated Vastu yantra.

    Another Vastu remedy for staircase Vastu defect is using a Vastu pyramid. The use of this remedy should be done in consultation with a Vastu expert to get the desired results.

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