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Vastu For Shop – Best Shop Vastu Tips For Success

    It is essential to follow Vastu for your shop in order to achieve success and prosperity in business. It is often seen that despite being in the same vicinity some shops do really good business while others can only manage a bare minimum business.

    Along with other factors like goodwill and attitude of the owner, shop Vastu also plays a very crucial role in the success of the shop. Following Vastu principles for managing the shop and its internal arrangement can align it in a better way to the positive energy and vibes.

    It is an established fact that if the Vastu compliance of the shop is set properly then it increases the positivity of the shop. This helps the business to grow at a good pace and generate profit for the owner.

    Vastu For Shop

    Shape Of Shop As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu Shastra, regular shapes like squares and rectangles are best for commercial properties like shops. The regular shape of the commercial properties allows the proper flow of energy in such places.

    The properties which have a broad or bigger front side and a comparatively smaller or narrow rear or backside are known as lion face property in Vastu shastra. These lion face properties are also considered auspicious for establishing shops.

    You should avoid purchasing or renting shops that have irregular shapes or cuts in the property.

    Main Entrance Of The Shop As Per Vastu

    According to Vastu Shastra, there are five suitable directions for entrances that are auspicious for making the entrance of the shop. These directions are North, East, Northeast, West-Northwest, and South-Southeast.

    You should also prefer the shop that has its front side towards the North, Northeast or East direction.

    Internal Arrangement Of Shop As Per Vastu

    shop vastu
    • The open area or waiting lobby should be in the North, East, or Northeast direction of the shop.
    • The cash counter of the shop should be preferably in the North direction of the shop.
    • You can also place a small pooja mandir in the Northeast part of the shop, you should pray regularly in this mandir.
    • One should place the stock of goods and materials to be sold in the Southwest direction of the shop.
    • Keep all the electronic items and main switch of the shop in the Southeast part or corner of the shop to improve business.
    • You should place all the promotional goods, ads, offer details, etc in the North West direction of the shop.
    • The seating arrangement should be such that while working owner or staff should face towards North, Northeast, or East direction.
    • Try to place all the heavy and bulky stocks, machinery, and furniture in the Southwest direction of the shop.
    • If the toilet and bathroom block, is there in the shop, it should be planned in the Northwest or West direction.
    • The center of the shop is known as ‘Brahmasthan’, it should be preferably kept open or with light occupancy.

    Shop Vastu – Some Important Tips

    Vastu tips for shop
    • You can also hang or paste auspicious symbols like Swastik, Om, Shubh-Laabh, Riddhi-Siddhi in your shop to attract wealth.
    • The entrance of the shop must be open and free from any kind of obstruction like trees, poles, etc.
    • You must make sure that the main door and all the other doors of the shop must not make any noise while opening and closing.
    • Also ensure to keep your shop neat, clean, and clutter-free at all times, any clutter in the shop attracts negative energy.
    • The slope of the shop should be towards the North or East direction of the shop as this is considered to be auspicious.

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