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Vastu For Office Boss Cabin – Best Tips For Success

    The business head, vertical head, boss, or owner is the most important person and the face of the entity. Understanding Vastu for office boss cabin is very crucial because the boss or the department head is the main decision-maker of the business.

    If he is under the influence of the right kind of energies in accordance with Vastu principles then it improves the overall working of that department. The boss or head of the department is in charge of the growth and stability of that business or department.

    So while setting his cabin in the office it must be ensured that the cabin or office of the boss or business head is designed in accordance with rules recommended by Vastu Shashtra. This not only helps him but also aids in the overall development of the business.

    Vastu For Office Boss Cabin

    Best Direction For Office Boss Cabin As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu Shastra principles, the best direction for the office boss or business head’s cabin is the Southwest direction. This direction is known as the ‘Nairutya Kon’ in Vastu Shastra. The Southwest direction is associated with the Earth element which provides stability in life.

    The Southwest direction also promotes courage and patience. As such, the Southwest direction is the best direction for constructing the office boss or business head’s cabin. This direction also brings stability to the thinking process of the head of the department.

    Best direction for business head cabin

    Other Suitable Direction For Business Head Cabin

    Sometimes because of many constraints, it is not possible to construct the cabin or office of the Business Head in the Southwest direction of the office. In such a case, you can construct the office or cabin of the business head in the South direction of the office.

    This direction is also considered suitable for making the workplace of the business head. The south direction helps the owner or head of the business to make proper decisions regarding business activities and also helps them to implement and execute these plans and decisions.

    Internal Arrangement Of Business Head Cabin

    The seating arrangement of the Business Head or owner should be in such a way that while sitting their back should be towards the South or Southwest direction.

    Also while working the business head or boss should sit facing towards the North, Northeast, or East direction. The seating arrangement should be such that the clients should sit facing the South, Southwest, or West direction.

    The provision for drinking water in the cabin of the boss should be made in the Northeast direction of the cabin. All the promotional and marketing materials should be kept in the Northwest direction of the cabin.

    Yous should always keep the important documents and the cash box in the South or Southwest direction of the cabin. This direction is quite auspicious for keeping valuable and important items.

    Important Vastu Tips For Office Boss Cabin

    Vastu tips for business head cabin
    • The area in front of the desk of the business head or owner should be open. There should be sufficient space in front of the desk to allow people to move properly in the office.
    • The shape of the owner or business head’s cabin should always be in a square or rectangular shape. The office or cabin should not be of any irregular or odd shape.
    • The working tables or desks of the head or owner of the business should always be rectangular in shape and decent in size. Avoid using round or irregular-shaped tables.
    • The business head or owner’s cabin should have sufficient lighting and ventilation so that it remains fresh all the time. You must avoid using dark and gloomy colors for the business head’s Cabin.
    • Avoid placing any religious pictures behind the back of the boss or owner in the cabin. You can place the pictures of inspirational personalities in front so that they are in his view while he is sitting in the cabin.
    • The department head or owner of the business should never sit directly under a beam while working. These beams create heavy energy beneath them and this energy is not suitable for the head of the business.
    • The business head’s cabin should always be clean and clutter-free. Also, there should not be any toilet or bathroom directly in front of the business head or owner’s desk.

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