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Vastu For Office – Best Office Vastu Tips For Prosperity

    Maintaining the right elements and their placement as per Vastu for office is of utmost importance for any entity. Office Vastu principles are easy to follow and they help you and your colleagues to align with the positive energy of nature.

    We spend a considerable amount of our time in our offices on a daily basis. So we should try our best to make it a favorable place that attracts luck, fortune, opportunities, wealth, and prosperity.

    Office Vastu principles should be followed irrespective of the size of the office. Your office can be of a single room to a few rooms, or it can be a large size corporate office. In any case, you should follow office Vastu to get the required benefits.

    If your office is designed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra it can give you a lot of benefits. There are many factors that play an important role in an office like the owner’s cabin, reception area, canteen, conference room, different departments, etc.

    vastu for office

    North Direction Of the Office As Per Vastu

    If all the directions of your office are utilized according to Vastu principles then there will be an increase in the positive energy of the office. North direction is governed by Lord Kubera, the lord of wealth.

    Hence all departments related to finance, accounting, and billing should be set in the North direction of the office. Also, the office building facing the north, northeast, northwest, or northeast is also believed to be very prosperous.

    Northeast Direction Of the Office As Per Vastu

    The five elements play an important role in Vastu Shastra and these five elements are found in the sub directions of your office and every other type of property. According to Vastu Shastra, the Northeast constitutes the water element and it should always be light and open.

    A properly maintained Northeast direction of your office will lead to fast progress in your business. This direction is very favorable for making the entrance, reception area, waiting lobby, pooja room, mandir, drinking water area, etc.

    East Direction Of the Office As Per Vastu

    The East direction is governed by the Sun, hence the administrative department is considered to be favorable in the East direction. The sun rises in the east which makes this direction very favorable for the financial and overall growth.

    The east direction should have enough windows and ventilation so that the morning rays from the sun freely enter the office. This will bring in positive and new energy from the sun directly into the office right at the beginning of the day.

    office vastu

    Southeast Direction Of the Office As Per Vastu

    The Southeast direction is also known as the ‘Agnikon’ which is associated with the fire element. If the Southeast direction of the office is maintained as per Vastu principles it accelerates the growth of the business.

    This direction is conducive for maintaining all the electrical items, meter room, canteen, and pantry area of your office. The Southeast direction of the office is also considered favorable for setting up the purchase and research & development department.

    Southwest Direction Of the Office As Per Vastu

    The Southwest direction constitutes the Earth element that provides stability to the property. This direction is favorable for making the cabin of the business head or the person who takes care of all the major business decisions.

    The cabin should be in such a way that they face North or East while working. The energy from the Southwest direction provided stability to their thoughts and energy from the Northeast direction helps them to make sound decisions.

    Northwest Direction Of the Office As Per Vastu

    The Northwest direction constitutes the air element and as such it aids in promoting new ideas and communication. A balanced Northwest direction of your office enhances coordination among the people working with you and this leads to an increase in team spirit and good work.

    The Northwest direction is considered favorable for the sales, marketing, and dispatch department. It is also considered conducive for making conference room, toilet block, waiting lobby, and parking area.

    Best Office Vastu Tips For Prosperity

    office vastu tips
    • The exact center of the office is known as the Brahmasthan and this area should be kept open. If it is not possible to keep the Brahmasthan open then it should be kept light in weight.
    • You should avoid having heavy furniture in the immediate area of the office entrance door. This area should be open so that there is no obstruction in the flow of positive energy.
    • All important documents related to the office should be kept in the Southwest direction of the office. And the finished goods should be placed in the Northwest direction to ensure they are sold as early as possible.
    • The work desks should be set in such a way that while working, all the staff in the office should face towards the North, Northeast or East direction. This leads to an increase in their work efficiency.
    • There should be proper light and ventilation in the office, it should never be dull and gloomy. If it is not possible to place enough windows then proper air circulation should be maintained with help of air conditioning.
    • The work table or desk should be a regular shaped one. It should be preferably square or rectangle in shape, avoid using tables or desk in the office which have irregular shapes.
    • You should always keep your office clean and clutter-free, any kind of clutter in the office will lead to various kinds of problems like confusion, lack of team spirit, and other such problems.

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