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Vastu For Kitchen – Powerful Vastu Tips And Remedies

    The kitchen is the powerhouse of your home and this makes it essential for you to clearly understand Vastu for the kitchen. It is an established fact that this whole Universe is made up of five elements. These five elements are earth, water, fire, wind, and space. These five elements also constitute the kitchen and each and every part of your house.

    The element that is highly associated with your kitchen is the Fire or Agni element. The fire element defines your kitchen because the most important function of a kitchen is to cook. And the element that is used the most in cooking is the fire element.

    Creating and managing your kitchen as per Vastu is of utmost importance. It helps you to align with the positive energy and use it for your benefit. Not only the placement of the kitchen in the home but the placement of all elements inside the kitchen is also very important.

    Best Direction For Kitchen As Per Vastu

    Kitchen Parts And Associated Elements

    As discussed above, Fire (Agni) is the most important element associated with the kitchen. Hence according to Vastu principles, the kitchen should be constructed in the Southeast part (Agnikon).

    The Kitchen placed in the Southeast corner of your home is considered to be very auspicious. Also, all the other elements in the kitchen can be easily aligned at the appropriate places when the kitchen is placed in this corner.

    According to Vastu principles, the Northwest part (Vayukon) is considered as the second-best option for constructing the kitchen. The air and the fire elements are considered to be friendly and supporting elements.

    In general, the intensity of fire gets more when it comes in contact with air. This is the reason this corner is considered supportive for setting up the kitchen in your home.

    Placement Of Various Elements In The Kitchen

    • The sink or washbasin should be set up in the Northeast direction of the kitchen. If this is not possible then you can set the washbasin or sink in the north direction in the kitchen.
    • All the fire elements in the kitchen like the gas stove, microwave oven, toasters, and all other such appliances should be kept in the Southeast direction of the kitchen.
    • All the drinking water provisions like water RO, water filter, etc should be made in the north or northeast direction of the kitchen. The Northeast direction is strongly associated with the water element.
    • All the heavy storage items, utensils, food grains, refrigerators, and extra gas cylinders all other miscellaneous items should be kept in the South, Southwest, or West direction in the kitchen.
    • The water and the fire elements should not be kept very near to each other. It is observed that in many houses gas stove and sink are on the same platform, this creates Vastu defect.

    Vastu For Kitchen – Most Important Tips

    Vastu For Kitchen
    1. Placing your Kitchen in the Southeast corner is considered auspicious. In this corner, the kitchen platform should be placed along the wall in the south and at some distance from the wall in the east.
    2. You should always ensure that the gas stove of your kitchen is never directly visible from the main door of your house. Also, never place a gas stove in the Brahmasthan.
    3. The kitchen should not be constructed adjacent to the bathroom or toilet. It must be ensured that there should not be a common wall between the kitchen and the toilet.
    4. The dining table should be placed in the Northwest direction of the kitchen. It is considered auspicious and it brings positive energy to the person taking the meals.
    5. The kitchen chimney or the exhaust fan should be preferably in the east direction. You should also leave a ventilation space on the opposite wall for the proper passage of air in the kitchen.
    6. You should use light and bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, red, or cream for the floor and wall colors of the kitchen. Avoid using dark and heavy colors in the kitchen.
    7. The kitchen should not be placed in the exact North direction. If you have a kitchen in the North direction it may result in increased expenditure and wealth drain of the family.
    8. You should always keep your kitchen clean. The kitchen platform and utensils should be cleaned properly at night before sleeping. Dirty platforms and utensils should not be kept overnight.
    9. You should avoid cooking under the beams and columns, as beams and columns bear loads that create heaviness in this area. Hence the energy under beams and columns is heavy and this causes negative energy.

    Effects Of Vastu Defects In Kitchen

    The Vastu defects created in the kitchen are very serious in nature. A kitchen is an area that involves a high amount of energy components. Also, all the energy that a person obtains in the form of food comes from the kitchen.

    The Vastu defects in the kitchen can affect the decision making, confidence, and stability of the family members. Major Vastu defects can also lead to loss of health for the family members and head of the family. And it can also lead to very serious problems like an untimely death.

    Vastu Remedies For Kitchen

    If you are not able to place your kitchen in proper directions because of some constraints then you can take the help of Vastu remedies for the kitchen. But you should take the help of an expert for using the Vastu remedies otherwise they may not work in your favor.

    The easiest remedies are provided by Vastu yantras that can be kept in your kitchen. These yantras generate positive energy to nullify the negative effect of the Vastu dosh or Vastu defect.

    Some of the examples of using these yantras are listed below.

    • A Buddha yantra can be used on the North wall if the kitchen is placed in the North direction of your home.
    • Surya yantra should be used on the East wall of the kitchen if it is constructed in the East direction of the home.
    • You can use guru yantra on the Northeast wall if your kitchen is in the Northeast direction.
    • Rahu and Ketu yantras can be used on the Southwest wall if the kitchen is located in the Southwest corner.
    • Mangal yantra should be used on the South wall if the kitchen is in the South direction of your home.
    • A Chandra yantra should be used on the Northwest wall if the kitchen is in the Northwest direction of the home.

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