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Vastu For Kids Room – Best Direction Colour And Tips

    Following Vastu principles for designing kids’ room in the house can make a great positive impact in their life. Kids room plays a very crucial role in shaping the lives and character of the children.

    If you make children’s room as per Vastu rules it will help to enhance the overall positivity in that space. This, in turn, will bring out the best of the capabilities and talent of your children.

    They will be able to study with focus and concentration, they will be able to sleep and rest properly. And the positive and vibrant energy in this room will enable them to excel in their lives.

    vastu for kids room

    Making a Vastu compliant kids’ room is not a very tough task. You need to take care of a few important Vastu principles to align this room with the positive elements and directions in your home.

    Best Direction For Kids Room As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu principles, the best directions for kids’ room are North direction, Northeast direction, and East direction. These directions have a free flow of universal positive energies that are very beneficial for the children.

    You can also make the children’s room in the exact west direction, make sure that it is not in the Southwest direction. West direction is considered favorable for making kids room, it provides the stability and focus.

    If any of these directions are not available in your home for making the kids’ room then you can use the Northwest direction. This direction is also a good option for making the children’s room in the house.

    best direction for kids room

    Children’s Room – Directions To Avoid

    Children’s room should not be built in the Southwest direction of the home. This direction is considered favorable for making the master bedroom. This direction is most suitable for the head of the family.

    You should also avoid placing the kids room in the Southeast direction. This direction represents the ‘Agni Kon’ and this direction is favorable for making the kitchen in the house.

    You must not make the kids room in the exact South direction. This direction is not at all suitable for the kids and their purposes. As such, you should ensure avoiding this direction too.

    Vastu For Kids Room – Best Colours

    As per Vastu principles, the light and bright colors are very favorable for children’s room. The shades of green color are especially considered favorable for children’s room.

    The green color and its other shades promote calmness, creativity, and new ideas in the minds of the children. Other than green shades you can also use other bright or pastel colors.

    Important Tips – Vastu For Kids Room

    kids room vastu tips
    • The study table in the kids’ room should be placed in such a way that while studying the children face towards the North, East, or Northeast direction.
    • The bed in the children’s room should be preferably placed in the Southwest corner of the room. This is the most favorable direction for placing the bed.
    • Children’s room should always be spacious and open, it should have enough free space. It should have proper ventilation and good air circulation in it.
    • The bed should be positioned in such a way that while sleeping the children’s heads should point either towards the South or East direction.
    • The wardrobe and storage facility should preferably be in the South direction, Southwest direction, or West direction in the children’s room.
    • There should not be any beam overhead in the kids’ room. And if the beam is there then the children should never sleep or study directly under this beam.
    • You must avoid installing the television in the children’s room. They should be exposed to television for some time only under their parent’s supervision.
    • Make sure kids eat their meals in the dining area only. The children should not make a habit of eating on the bed or on their study table.
    • There should be sufficient provision of lighting in the kids’ room. There should not be any dull lights in the kids’ room, especially in the study area.
    • Children have a habit of making a mess in their room. You must ensure that you keep the children’s room neat, clean, and organized at all times.
    • Along with all other elements, the small elements such as bedsheets, curtains, indoor plants, etc should also be appropriately taken care of.

    Bads Effects Of Ignoring Kids Room Vastu

    Most of the parents are constantly concerned and worried about their children’s health and happiness. Every parent wants the children to do their best and use their capabilities and talent in the best manner.

    But if you make the kids room in the wrong place or direction in your home then it can affect their behavior and health. If you make the kids’ room in the Southwest direction then it may create differences between children and parents.

    If one makes the children’s room in the Southeast direction then it can make the children irritated and tense. In such room children can also face some health-related problems.

    As such, you must ensure to make the kids’ room in the prescribed directions as per Vastu Shastra. And if that is not possible you must take appropriate steps to clear the Vastu defects.

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