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Vastu For Good Health – Best Tips And Remedies

    If you follow Vastu principles for good health you will align yourself to receive health, wealth, and success in life. Amongst all the different aspects of life, good health is the most important aspect to lead a good life and to enjoy it.

    This is the reason that our ancestors always emphasized giving utmost priority to good health. It is a well-established fact that good health is the best gift one can have in his life. Good health does not only mean the non-existence of any disease in the body.

    Having good health means that you should have a healthy physical body and a peaceful mind. If you have a healthy body but you remain anxious or stressed most of the time then it clearly states that you do not have good health.

    Vastu Shastra has a scientific approach to provide solutions and it can help you immensely to attain good health in life. If you are hail and hearty it reflects in your personality, you become confident, passionate, energetic, and joyous.

    Vastu for good health

    Lets have a look at some of the aspects that you can work on to have good health as per Vastu.

    Entrance Of The House

    The entrance of the house plays a very important role in affecting the flow of energy in the house. Vastu shastra suggests many directions for making the entrance of the house, but there are some directions that you should definitely avoid for making the entrance of your house.

    One such direction is the Southeast direction and the other direction is the Southwest direction. If you set the entrance of your house in these directions then it may make illnesses a part of the home. These directions can attract negative energies which can result in bad health.

    Sleeping Position

    As per Vastu the best position for sleeping is such that while sleeping your head should point towards the South direction. You or any other family member should never sleep with the head pointing towards the North direction.

    The head is the North pole of our body and pointing it towards the North while sleeping results in repulsion force on the body. This results in hampering proper blood circulation in the body. It can also cause restlessness, difficulty in sleeping, hypertension, and other psychological problems.

    Southeast Direction

    The fire element of the Southeast plays a very important role in maintaining our good health. If there is a water source like an underground water tank or extended corners or cuts in this direction it can lead to many health-related problems for the inhabitants.

    The Vastu Dosh or defects in the Southeast direction can have serious implications and they can cause problems related to knees, feet, or stomach. One should also avoid having Southeast T points in the house as they are prone to accidents.

    Good Health Vastu

    Clutter In The Home

    This may not seem to be a big issue but in reality, it has a big impact on the quality of life of the members of the family. Messy and untidy places in the home attract negative energy and this leads to confusion, arguments, and clashes between the residents of the home.

    So, you should always ensure to keep your house neat, clean, and dirt-free. You must also ensure to not let any cobweb grow on the ceiling, edges, and any other corner of the house. You should also broom and mop the floors of all rooms regularly. 

    North-Northeast Corner

    This corner exists between the North direction and the Northeast sub direction. It is an important place in the house and it greatly affects the immunity and health of the inhabitants of the house. It can also affect the fertility of women in the house.

    Water is the element for North-Northeast direction, as such, one should place water elements like water purifier, RO, fountain, etc in this part of the house. Avoid making kitchen, toilet, staircase, or storeroom in this part. Also, keep this part neat, clean, and clutter-free at all times.


    Brahmasthan is the center of the house or any other property and it plays a very important role in maintaining the overall energy within the property. Vastu Shastra suggests that the brahmasthan should be either kept empty or with very light occupancy.

    When this area is empty or with light occupancy, it helps to maintain the free flow of positive energy within the house. Any kind of obstructions in this area can affect the health of the family members in a negative way.

    Best Vastu Tips And Remedies For Good Health

    Vastu Good Health
    • If there is a staircase in the Northeast corner of the house then it can lead to an increase in the medical expenses for the homeowners.
    • A septic tank, boring, rainwater harvesting, etc can bring bad health to the head of the family and other elderly members in the home.
    • The internal arrangement of the kitchen and the location of the kitchen is also very important, as these factors affect the energy that you receive from the food.
    • There should be no toilet in the Northeast part of the home as it can be a cause of many health-related problems for all the family members in the home.
    • You must also make sure that the overhead beams should not run through the center of the house, as they can lead to stress and other psychological problems.
    • The prominent places in the house should be well lit especially during twilight time. Avoid keeping these places dark and gloomy.
    • You should avoid keeping thorny plants like the cactus inside your house as they invite energies that can negatively affect the health of the family members.

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