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Vastu For Flats – Must-Read Tips By Vastu Experts

    As per recent trends, most people show their interest in gaining information about Vastu for flats. The reason for this is the immense growth of popularity of flats as modern homes. In the metro and big cities, the majority of the population is living in flats because of space constraints.

    So there is a big segment of the population who is keen to incorporate Vastu guidelines in the arrangement and setup of their flats. Although Vastu Shastra is an ancient science its greatness is that it is applicable even to modern structures and dimensions including flats.

    Following basic Vastu principles for choosing the flat and setting the various elements of the flat will help you to enhance the positive energy in the flats. The Builder may or may not make the flats as per Vastu, so you should ensure to check Vastu compliance before purchasing or renting flats.

    Along with checking the Vastu compliance of your individual flat, you should also check the Vastu compliance of common amenities in this society. The various elements of society like the entrance gate, park, car parking, swimming pool, compound wall, etc, should be in accordance with the Vastu principles.

    vastu for flats

    Is Vastu Applicable For Flats?

    Yes, like any other structure Vastu shastra is very much applicable for flats and apartments also. Vastu Shastra is a science and its rules and principles are applicable to all the structures and dimensions on the planet.

    Like any other structure, flats are also affected by the energies and vibrations of various directions. So when you make a flat that is in compliance with Vastu principles it will definitely have a positive impact on the overall energy of that place.

    The only difference between a flat and an independent home is that the flat has some parts like the entrance gate, compound wall, etc, that are common for all the people living in the society.

    But that does not mean that we can ignore the overall impact of Vastu rules and guidelines for setting up the flat. Ignoring these Vastu guidelines can create major Vastu dosh in your flat. And it can dearly affect your quality of life.

    Internal Arrangement Of Flats As Per Vastu

    Vastu For Flats Arrangement

    In an apartment or a society placement and arrangement of most of the things is beyond your control. But the internal arrangement of your flat is totally under your control. And this is the area where you can take maximum advantage of following Vastu principles. Let’s have a look at some of the main elements that you can arrange and set up as per Vastu rules.

    • The best direction for making your kitchen is in the Southeast direction of the flat. This corner is also known as the ‘Agni Kon’.
    • If setting the kitchen is not possible in this direction then the other favorable directions are East and Northwest directions.
    • The drawing room of the flat should be in the North or Northwest direction of the flat. And sofa set should be in the Southwest or South direction.
    • The master bedroom should be in the South West or South direction of the flat. This is beneficial for the head of the family.
    • If the balcony is in the North, East, or Northeast direction then you should keep it more open. You do not need to cover it with curtains.
    • But if the balcony is in the south or west direction, you should cover it with thick and dark color curtains. You can also use it for storage.
    • The bathroom or toilet should not be towards the North, East, or Northeast direction. They should be preferably in the Northwest or West direction.
    • If you do not have extra space in your flat for the pooja room. You can make a small pooja mandir in the Northeast or East direction of the flat.

    Vastu For Flats – Most Important Tips

    Vastu Tips For Flats
    • The generator, power supply, and other major electronic equipment of the apartment or society should be in the Southeast direction.
    • Before moving into the flat proper Vastu puja and Griha Pravesh puja must be done to ensure the purification of the flat.
    • The entrance gate or main gate of the society or apartment should be preferably in the North, Northeast, or East direction.
    • If you are repurchasing a pre-owned flat then you should ensure to paint all the walls in the flat. This helps in freshening the aura of that place.
    • Any kind of cracks and structural damages in the flat should be promptly repaired. And they should not be allowed to remain in this condition for long.
    • You should avoid a building that has a very irregular or out-of-the-ordinary shape. Regular-shaped buildings should be preferred for purchasing flats.
    • The doors in the flat should preferably open in a clockwise direction. And these doors should always be placed in the correct directions.
    • For storing the heavy and other miscellaneous storage items in your flat you should prefer to use the Southwest or South direction of the flat.

    Vastu Tips For Flat Entrance

    Vastu For Flats Entrance

    Choosing a flat with the right orientation is very important as per Vastu. The orientation of the flat determines the flow of energy within the flat. You must prepare to choose a flat which has its main gate or ‘mahadwar’ in the North, East, or the Northeast direction.

    This does not mean that all the other directions are not suitable for the entrance of the flat. There are flats in all the directions of a building and sometimes there may not be enough options. So, you can choose the flats having the entrance gate in other directions like South or Southwest.

    But you should take the help of a Vastu expert to check the Vastu compliance of all the other elements in relation to the entrance in such a flat. This will ensure that you have a proper understanding of the effect of various elements in the flat, on your life as per Vastu.

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