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Vastu For Fish And Aquarium | Powerful Fish Vastu Tips

    Keeping a fish aquarium is believed to be auspicious in both Vastu Shastra and Feng shui. It is believed that fish tanks have an enormous capacity to produce a huge amount of positive energy in your home. As per Vastu principles, every object, space, and direction in your house has the capability to radiate different kinds of energies. And a fish aquarium is one of the sources of good energy in your house.

    In general, there are a few Vastu defects in most of the homes which can lead to relationship and economic problems. And, to counter the negative energy from these Vastu defects many experts suggest some good luck or positive energy items. A fish aquarium is considered one of these powerful lucky charms both in Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra.

    The fish aquariums or fish tanks are commonly used to activate and enhance your wealth and career luck. Fishes are known for their positive energy and the water inside the tank represents the positive flow of life. When these fishes swim and move rapidly inside the water tank they attract and boost the positive energy in your home

    A living being like a fish, a cat, or a dog is a source of natural positive energy, and hence it is considered auspicious. Accordingly, it becomes very important that you have sufficient knowledge about the rules of engagement if you wish to keep a fish tank at home or your office. As per Vastu, an aquarium is a source of life energy. It is believed that it infuses the space with wealth, health, prosperity, and all-round well being.

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    Number Of Fishes To Be Placed In The Tank

    If you are placing a fish tank in your home, then you should first decide the number of fishes that you would keep in your tank. The different number of fishes in the aquarium indicate different aspects of your life. You can have any one of the following numbers of fishes in your aquarium to attract the energy associated with that number.

    • 1 fish in the tank indicates a new beginning, natal energy.
    • 3 fishes in the aquarium attract general growth and development.
    • 6 fishes in the aquarium attract mentor luck.
    • 8 fishes in the tank attract money and abundance.
    • 9 fishes in the aquarium attract long life with health and wealth.

    Many experts suggest that you should at all times keep at least nine fishes in the aquarium. They believe that keeping less than nine fishes in the tank is not very auspicious. So, if you are also keeping exactly nine fishes in the tank then make sure to keep fishes of different colors in your water tank. And also make sure that eight of them should be of the same variety preferably with different colors or shades.

    The other remaining fish should be a dragonfish preferably of dark color or black color. Keeping this combination of fishes in your water tank is believed to attract wealth and success to the home and its inhabitants. Keeping goldfishes in the aquarium is also considered to be highly auspicious.

    The best combination of nine fishes in the aquarium is eight Goldfishes or Arowana fishes with one Dragonfish or black moor. The combination of eight red or golden fishes and one blackfish symbolizes prosperity, positive energy, and good fortune. The number eight is considered one of the luckiest and prominent numbers in feng shui practices.

    Significance of Fish and Water Tank In Home

    Keeping different color fishes in tanks enhances the positive vibration in the house boosting prosperity and wealth. The colorful fishes rectify the Vastu defects and diminish any negative energy in the home. It is believed that if we keep colored fishes in the aquarium at our home, it will avert the possible adversities from the lives of our family members.

    The water ripples and the flow inside the tank represent the flow of money in the house. The more fishes move around the chances of good financial stand increases. Only healthy fishes must be kept inside the aquarium. The death of any fish in the tank represents disposing of negative energy. If a fish dies, you should drain it in any river or pond respectfully and then replace it with a new fish.

    Many modern-day problems like stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc. can be alleviated by simply looking at the pacifying fish aquarium in your home. The serene beauty soothes your nerves and calms your body. The fishes in the aquarium also absorb negative energy from your home. In fact, many people believe that if any fish in the Tank dies without justifiable cause then it is believed that the fish has sacrificed its life to spare you the bad luck that was headed your way.

    The blackfish or the dark fish is considered the most important fish since its purpose is to absorb all the negative energy that enters your home. Hence it is seen as a symbol of protection. If the blackfish dies without any known cause such as stale water, lack of food, etc. Then it is believed that the fish died from absorbing bad energy that was meant for you.

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    Best Direction For Fish Tank As Per Vastu

    The fish tanks shall only be placed in the northeast or southeast direction of the room. The northeast corner influences the wealth and financial stability of the house. The southeast direction represents the happiness, peace, and prosperity of the house. Placing an aquarium in the wrong places in the rooms brings negative energies and disturbs the peace of mind.

    Fish tanks are not suitable at the center of the house. Because this can cause sickness to the spouse and financial problems for the breadwinner of the home. The fish tank is a very important and powerful component. As such, it should be used properly otherwise it can cause a great deal of misfortune.

    Best Fishes For Wealth, Prosperity And Good Luck

    • Arowana Fish – Arowana fish is one of the most famous fishes. It is believed that these fishes attract good health prosperity and happiness wealth and power.
    • Koi Fish – Koi fishes are also considered to be very lucky. And they are considered to be a symbol of good fortune and wealth.
    • GoldFish – Goldfish is another good source of positive energy for your house goldfishes bring peace and harmony in your relationships. Generally, 8 goldfishes are kept in an aquarium with one blackfish.
    • Flowerhorn fish – Flowerhorn fish is also considered to be a powerful lucky charm in Feng Shui. It is believed that these fish attract good energy and diminishes negative energy from the house.

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