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Vastu For Dead End Road T-Junction L-Point Y-Point Plot

    You must have a clear understanding of Vastu for a dead-end road plot, T-junction plot, L-junction plot, or Y-junction plot before purchasing any such property. You should also be aware of Vastu implications if you are already living in a house that is located at any of these points.

    The flow of energy takes place in a very different manner in all of these locations as they have a very different and unique position in reference to the surroundings. As per Vastu Shastra, our house is influenced by both internal and external factors of the house.

    The flow of energy is affected by both internal and external factors. If the external factors are favorable they can have a positive impact but they are not they can cause serious problems. External factors like plot Slopes, roads, junctions have a big impact on the property.

    Dead End Road Vastu

    Dead End Road Plot As Per Vastu

    A dead-end road plot is a plot that is located at a place where one or more roads or paths come to form a complete end. This means that there is nothing ahead of that point. This means that if someone walks down the road in front of the dead-end plot then he will reach the plot in the end and will not be able to go further ahead.

    Dead-ends can have a big impact on the overall energy of the property. This can either work in your favor or against you in a big way. As such you should fully satisfy yourself before buying any property which is located on the dead-end road.

    T-Junction, L-Junction, And Y-Junction Plot

    Vastu For Dead End Plot

    A location where more than one road intersects is known as a road junction. This junction can have different formations depending upon the number of roads intersecting. When a vertical road meets and finishes at a horizontal road at a right angle then it forms a dead end at the intersecting point. This type of intersection and dead-end is known as T junction.

    When two roads meet at a location where both of them have a dead-end, then this formation is in the form of an ‘L’ shape, and as such, this point or junction is known as ‘L’ junction. If three roads meet in the form of a ‘Y’ shape and form a dead-end at a location, then this point or location is known as ‘Y’ Junction.

    Apart from the above-mentioned types of junctions, there can be a single road that stretches and finally ends at a point and has nothing ahead of it. Any plot at the end of such a road will also be a plot at the dead-end road. If you have a plot on any of the mentioned locations then you should be aware of the energy flow in such property.

    Energy Flow In Dead End Road Plots

    If you have a plot or house or any other kind of property on the dead-end of the road then it will be exposed to huge amounts of energy. This is because your house or plot will be the last location where all the energy from that location will finally come to a halt.

    Generally, Vastu experts and other people do not suggest purchasing or living on any property at a dead-end. But all such properties cannot be deemed negative. Depending upon the direction in which the properties face, it will receive bountiful energy from that direction.

    The direction in which the dead-end or road junction is on the property will greatly affect the type of energy the property receives. If these energies are coming from a positive direction then they will have a good impact. But if these energies are not coming from a positive direction then they can have a negative impact on the property.

    Best Directions For Dead End Plot

    Vastu For Dead End Junction Plots

    As per Vastu principles, there are five directions that are considered positive for creating the entrance or main gate of your home. These five favorable directions are considered positive and favorable for the dead-end road plots and T-point, L-point, and Y-point plots too. These favorable directions are as follows.

    • North direction.
    • Northeast direction.
    • East direction.
    • West-Northwest direction.
    • East-Southeast direction
    S. No.Favorable/ UnfavorableDirections
    1.Favorable DirectionsNorth, Northeast, East, West-Northwest, and East-Southeast direction.
    2.Unfavorable DirectionsSouth, West, Southwest, Southeast, South-Southeast, South-Southwest, West-Southwest and all other directions.

    If you have a house or property that is located on a dead-end or any kind of junction or point. And it does not face any of these 5 directions then you should consult a Vastu expert before buying any such property. Otherwise, such property can have a serious impact on you and your family.

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