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Vastu For Construction Of New House – Valuable Tips And Ideas

    Many people have various queries about Vastu for the construction of a new house on their plot. It is very crucial to plan the construction as per Vastu principles right from the beginning. This helps you to avoid unnecessary wastage in the demolition of wrongly built structures.

    After finalizing a favorable plot for building up your new house the next step is to make a plan. This plan should be in accordance with Vastu principles to attract prosperity and positive energy in your new house.

    The construction of a plot is generally carried out in two or three stages. The number of stages depends upon whether you have purchased an empty plot or a plot with the existing building. For a plot with an existing building, there are the following three stages.

    vastu for construction of new house

    Demolition of existing building.

    Excavation of the foundation.

    Construction of new building.

    Vastu For Construction Of New House – Demolition Process

    • The demolition process should preferably start from the Northeast direction so that the Northeast direction becomes open right from the start.
    • This can be easily done in the North facing plot or an East facing plot.
    • For a South facing plot, demolition should start from the Southeast direction.
    • And for a West facing plot demolition should start from the Northwest direction.
    • Keep the debris from the process of demolition in the Northwest direction for a fast clearance.
    • Any material which is to be reused in new construction should be kept in the Southwest direction.
    • You should prefer not to use any old material in new construction, you can use the old material for leveling of the plot.

    Vastu For Excavation Of New House

    • You should do the Bhoomi pooja or Vastu puja in the Northeast corner before starting the construction process.
    • You should start the excavation process at the right muhurat after consulting with a Vastu expert.
    • The excavation process of the foundation should always start from the Northeast direction of the plot.
    • Then the Northwest direction should be dug followed by the Southeast direction and then the Southwest direction.
    • You should ensure to make provision for an underground water tank in the North or Northeast direction of the plot.
    • The laying of the foundation should be from the Southwest to the Northeast direction of the plot.
    • The excavated soil, stones, or other material that you wish to use again should be stored in the Southwest direction.
    Vastu For Construction Of New House

    Vastu For Building Process

    • If you going to make an underground water tank, then start with the construction of this tank in the Northeast direction.
    • Pillars should be first constructed in the Southwest so that this direction is always higher than the rest of the construction.
    • The Northeast corner (Ishan Kon) should be either open or with light construction.
    • Septic tank should be as per the rules of Vastu Shastra for maintaining peace and harmony.
    • The Southwest direction should have the maximum elevation in the house plan followed by the Southeast direction.
    • And the Northwest direction should have less elevation and the least in the Northeast direction.
    • During the process of construction, the Brahmasthan of the plot should always be open and lightweight.
    • The sand, aggregate, cement, bricks, and other construction material should be stored in the Southwest corner.

    Ill Effects Of Ignoring Vastu In Construction Of New House

    During the above mentioned three stages of construction, you should follow the Vastu principles at all times. Ignoring Vastu principles may lead to unprecedented problems in the process of construction.

    It may also cause a complete stoppage of work at your site. It may lead to financial losses, increased expenditure, unnecessary wastage, increase in stress and tension causing issues.

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