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Vastu For Car Parking In Your House – Best Garage Location

    It is very important that you follow Vastu for car parking in your house. Car is one of the most important machinery that you frequently use in your daily life. And the car is just not another machinery, in today’s society, it has become a symbol of your status.

    Also, your general well being and financial well being is very closely linked with your car. If your car creates frequent troubles for you then it wastes a lot of your time and hard-earned money.

    car parking vastu

    And do you know that most of these troubles can be simply solved by following some very easy and simple Vastu principles? These small changes will help you to align the car and its energy with the energies in and around your home.

    Best Direction For Car Parking As Per Vastu

    The best direction for car parking in the houses the southeast direction. The southeast direction of your house is associated with the fire element and this is why it is also known as ‘Agni kon’.

    The car is also considered a fire element because it runs with the spark and combustion energy of its engine. When the car stands in the southeast part of your home it complements the energies in this particular area.

    vastu for car parking

    You should not park your car in the northeast direction of your house. Generally, for a north-facing house or an East facing house, the entrance gate is located on the North-East corner.

    And because of this people generally have the tendency to park their car in this direction. But as per Vastu principles, you should completely avoid doing this. Parking your car in the northeast direction act as a hindrance to the universal positive energies.

    Best Garage Location For Your House

    The best garage location for your house is in the northwest direction. If you are not able to build your garage in this direction then you can also build it in the southeast direction of the home. These two variations are considered favorable as per Vastu principles.

    The Southwest direction is not considered best for garage location in your house because this direction is meant for placement of bedroom. The northeast direction is not good for making the garage because this direction should always be clutter-free.

    vastu for car parking

    Important Vastu Tips For Car Parking

    • You should park your car in such a way that while going out of the house you don’t have to reverse the car. When you go out of your house in the morning you should move in the forward direction.
    • When the car is Park in the house we should be standing in such a way that it does not touch with any other thing especially the main gate of the house.
    • The floor of the garage should have a little slope and this should be preferably in the north or east direction. The slope of the garage should not be in the south or west direction.
    • The gate of your garage should be preferably in the north or east direction. And it should always be less in height than the main gate of your house.
    • When you park your car in the house it should face preferably towards the north direction or east direction. This is the most auspicious way of car parking.
    • One thing that you should keep in mind is that while taking the car out of your house the first turn should be on the right-hand side. The initial movement towards the right-hand side is propitious.
    • As per Vastu principles, the best colors for painting your walls of the garage are cream, yellow, pink, off white, and other such light colors.
    S.N.ParticularsPreferred Direction
    1.Parking CarFor parking cars, the Southeast is the most preferred direction in your house.
    2.Garage LocationFor making a garage either Norwest or Southeast direction should be chosen.
    3.Car FacingWhile parked car should face either the North, Northeast, or East direction

    Bad Effects Of Ignoring Car Parking Vastu

    If you ignore Vastu for car parking then it can cause some serious problems for you. The following problem can arise on ignorance of car parking Vastu.

    • Increase in expenses on repairs and maintenance of the car.
    • Quarrel with neighbors and other people regarding the car.
    • It can also lead to accidents of the car.
    • Frequent breakdowns and the failure of car parts.
    • Problems and nuisance related to the car parking space.

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