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Vastu For Balcony – Powerful Tips And Ideas

    It is very important to understand the Vastu for balcony because the balcony is one of the most used areas of your home. Whenever you feel suffocated or packed in your house balcony is the area that provides you the relief and comfort. It is that area of your home which lets you connect to the outer world.

    Your balcony is the place that enables you to enjoy the warmth of the sun in the winter season, the cool breeze in the summer evenings, and the refreshing rains in the monsoon. As per Vastu, all the elements of nature have certain positive vibrations associated with them, as such balcony acts as an important part that lets positivity flow into your home if it is built properly as per Vastu.

    vastu for balcony

    Best Directions For Balcony As Per Vastu

    If the balcony is constructing in the right direction of your home then it helps to maintain a proper balance in the flow of energies in the home. The best directions for constructing a balcony in your home as per Vastu Shastra are North direction, East direction, and Northeast direction. Vastu experts suggest that the North and East directions of your home should either be kept open or with little construction.

    These are the directions that allow the maximum inflow of positive energy in the home, as such these directions are considered the most optimum directions for the placement of a balcony in the home. A balcony that is built in any of these directions allows the early morning sun rays to enter the home easily, and this phenomenon helps the positive energy to enter the home and purify the entire house.


    If your plot area is in such a way that it does not allow setting up of balcony in any of the above-mentioned directions then the other favorable directions in which balcony can be constructed are the Southeast and Northwest directions. These two directions are considered as the second-best alternatives for constructing a balcony in your home.

    You should avoid constructing a balcony in the South direction, Southwest direction, and the West direction of your home. As per Vastu principles, these directions should be closed and should have heavy construction. So it is wrong to keep these directions open, and if the balcony is in one of these directions then these directions will become open and lightweight.

    vastu for balcony

    Important Vastu Tips For Balcony

    1. The shape of the balcony should be either square-shaped or rectangular-shaped as these shapes are considered good shapes for a balcony. Making circular or elliptical shaped balcony should be avoided.
    2. The colors for the balcony should also be selected appropriately, you should prefer using light shade colors like white, cream, and pink for painting the balcony. Dark colors like black, brown, etc should be avoided.
    3. While constructing the house you should ensure that the outer wall of the balcony and the outer walls of the adjoining rooms of the house in that direction should be in-line.
    4. As per Vastu Shastra, a cut area in any direction results in negative effects, as such it should be ensured that no cut area is formed because of the balcony.
    5. Placing a balcony pond or a water fountain in the Northeast zone of your balcony is considered very favorable. You should also place small and lightweight flower pots and furniture on the balcony in the North, East, or Northeast direction.
    6. You should always keep the balcony clean and clutter-free, especially the balconies that are located in the North, East, or Northeast directions should always be neat and clean.
    7. You should make sure that the floor of the balcony in the north, east, or northeast direction should always be lower than the floor of the main building compound.
    8. If the balcony is in the south, west, or southwest direction of the home then you should use thick curtains in your room so that the harmful infra-red rays of the sun do not enter your room.
    9. You should avoid placing any unwanted things or appliances on the balcony, such unwanted things block the energy of that direction and cause an imbalance in the flow of the energy in your house.
    10. If you wish to place heavy furniture in the balconies then it should be done only for the balconies in the south, west, or southwest direction. In any other direction, lightweight furniture should be used.
    11. Placing a swing in the balconies which are in the north, east, or northeast direction is considered favorable. The swing should be placed in such a way that while sitting the person should face towards the east or north.

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