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Trundle Beds In India – Best Designs For You

    The word trundle means to move something on wheels and the trundle bed also called the truckle bed is a set of two beds where one bed can be stored under a larger bed, sort of like a bed extension.

    They are one of the remarkable innovations of the furniture world as these beds make it possible to fit more people in one bedroom. These beds make the task of accommodating your guests, relatives a lot easier without taking the extra space of your room.

    This article brings to you the best designs for Trundle Beds in India which you can use for your homes.

    This trundle bed comes with an elegantly curved back. And the trundle comes with pretty little knobs.

    This is the simplest form of trundle bed with a clean traditional design.

    This small trundle bed brings a fresh look to your room and it also includes a mattress support system.

    This compact size three-layer trundle bed has additional three roomy drawers to hold linens, blankets, etc.

    This trundle bed is quite spacious in itself but it can easily fit in a couple of guests more when the need arises.

    This trundle bed design shows a divided trundle that can be used as per the requirement.

    A combination of the loft bed and a trundle bed for the rooms which have really less space.

    A classic single bed that can be swiftly converted into a double with a single pull.

    This minimalist design displays the metal trundle bed which looks stylishly great.

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