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Terrace Flooring – Best Terrace Tiles Option For Your Roof

    There are several terrace tiles and other options available for making terrace flooring and choosing the right one is very crucial. Many tiles such as vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, marble tiles, cement tiles, etc, can be used for making terrace flooring.

    But before finalizing the terrace tiles you need to weigh in important factors that can affect the performance of terrace flooring. Terrace flooring is of utmost importance because it decides the overall health of the structure and building.

    If the terrace floor is laid down properly then it would not allow water and excessive heat to seep in. This will help to maintain the building in proper condition for a longer duration of time.

    Terrace flooring is very different from any other kind of flooring and it has its own needs and requirements. There are many factors that you need to take care of while laying down the terrace floor. If proper attention is not given to these factors while laying down the terrace flooring then it can cause serious problems afterward.

    terrace flooring

    Terrace Flooring – Important Factors

    The most important factors that can affect the life and durability of the terrace flooring are as follows.


    The terrace flooring will have extreme exposure to sunlight for most of the time during the day almost all around the year and especially in the summer season. Harsh sunlight from the Sun fades away the color from the best of the terrace tiles. And with the passage of time, they start looking faded and dull.


    The terrace flooring has to bear a lot of water, especially during the rainy season. If the terrace tiles do not have the capacity to properly repel the rainwater then a lot of water will seep into the building. And this can be a huge problem for the homeowner as it would lead to a lot of expenses.


    The terrace flooring has to withstand the test of scorching heat from the Sun for the major portion of the year. This scorching heat from the sun is a very powerful force and it has the power to develop cracks in the terrace tiles. And this issue can lead to a lot of problems in the maintenance of Terrace flooring.

    Terrace flooring factors


    The terrace flooring is also exposed to a lot of dust which comes along with the blowing wind from the nearby areas. So while selecting the right kind of terrace tiles for your terrace flooring you should need to select the right tiles. These tiles should be easy to clean and they should not absorb a lot of dust within them.


    The terrace flooring should also be anti-slip in nature otherwise it can lead to accidents. The ladies in the home generally spread the clothes on the terrace and the water spill is common on terrace flooring during other daily activities too. So it is very important that terrace tiles should be anti-slip in nature.

    Best Terrace Flooring And Terrace Tiles Options

    Marble Tiles

    Marble tiles are one of the best options for terrace flooring, these tiles of decent size can be easily obtained from the local market. These tiles should be laid down leaving grooves between them which have to be filled with a mixture of cement, sand, and gravels.

    After the tiles and this mixture has been laid down on the terrace, proper grounding and sanding are done with the help of a machine. This process is done in two to three rounds to provide proper finishing to the floor.

    Kota Stone

    The Kota stone tiles are amazing solutions for all outdoor flooring needs. They are very popular in most of the parts of North and Central India. Tiles of Kota stone are available in many different sizes for direct use.

    The Kota stone tiles should also be used by leaving grooves between the tiles which should be filled with cement and mosaic mortar. After proper sanding and finishing these tiles become a hundred percent water repellent.

    Vitrified Tiles

    Full body vitrified tiles are also a very suitable option for terrace flooring. These tiles are very strong and they do not fade easily under the influence of Sunlight. This is the reason they are sold as weatherproof tiles.

    Vitrified tiles are very durable in nature and they are available in different types of finishes like mat finish, rustic finish, etc. These qualities make vitrified tiles a very suitable option for open terrace areas.

    terrace tiles

    Stone Kaleji

    Kaleji is a Hindi word that describes the collection of broken pieces of natural stones like marble, granite, etc. These pieces are generally available in the market by weight and as such, they are comparatively inexpensive.

    The stone pieces are laid down on the terrace floor by skilled labor and after proper sanding and finishing, they form an excellent terrace floor. These floors provide proper protection from heat and water.

    Porcelain Tiles

    The porcelain tiles are also a very suitable option for outdoor flooring including terrace flooring. These porcelain tiles are made at a very high temperature and can easily withstand the temperature variance.

    They are available in many beautiful colors and textures and look extremely beautiful after installation. They also offer proper protection from heat and water in all seasons.

    Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic tiles can also be used for laying down the terrace floor but they should be preferably used in the area which does not get a lot of light and heat exposure. It is quite easy to install ceramic tiles on the floor.

    These tiles are a good option for the terrace area which is covered. If these tiles see a lot of exposure to sunlight then they can fade and become flaky. They are also not an excellent choice for protection against the water.

    Most Important Tips For Terrace Flooring

    Terrace flooring tips
    • While selecting the right tiles for your terrace flooring you must ensure that these tiles have the capacity to reflect back heat. This helps your terrace flooring and the area beneath it to remain cool even during the hot summer season.
    • During the installation of the terrace flooring, you must ensure that the corners are sealed properly. The corners and the edges are the areas from which a lot of water seeps into the lower portions of the building and causes a lot of trouble.
    • While laying down the terrace floor proper provisioning for the slope has to be done. If the proper slope is given the water runs off the terrace quite easily through the exit holes and pipes. The irregular slope will result in waterlogging on the terrace.
    • If you are using the natural stone tiles options for making the terrace floor then you must ensure that you gave it a proper final finish. If the top layer of the floor is not given proper finishing then it will accumulate a lot of dirt and it will also absorb water.
    • The terrace flooring should be checked properly at regular intervals for checking the damages. And if any kind of damage is observed it should be repaired timely especially before the rainy season to avoid any kind of water seepage in the building.

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