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T Profile – Types, Installation, Price, Tips, Use

    T profile is an amazing solution to beautifully cover the joints in the furniture at your home. You can use it effectively for edge banding the edges of doors, windows, cabinets, and drawers.

    It is available in many different shapes and sizes that you can use as per the size and type of application area. T profile is fairly simple to use and it can be installed quite quickly by an experienced carpenter.

    Whether used for hiding the joints or for edge banding T profile never fails to provide amazingly beautiful results. This is the reason it has gained a lot of popularity in the modern-day interior architecture of the homes.

    T Profile

    Types Of T Profile

    In the market, this profile is available in many different types on the basis of material, size, color, and quality. The most popular colors of the profile are gold, silver, brass, brown, rose gold, etc.

    This profile is also available in many different width sizes normally ranging from 10 mm to 100 mm, so there are plenty of options you can choose from as per your requirement. On the basis of material, the T profile is of the following popular types.

    Aluminum T profile

    It is one of the cheapest options of this profile and it is very easily available in the market in many different sizes. But the biggest disadvantage with the aluminum T profile is that it does not give a perfect glamorous finish. As such you can use it in places where you want to give a study or rough look.

    Stainless Steel T profile

    It is one of the most robust and beautiful options of this profile. A good grade stainless steel T profile will reflect perfect shine and it will provide an amazing look to your furniture. It is also quite easily available in the market but it is comparatively expensive.

    Brass T profile

    When it comes to looks there is no match for a brass T profile. With its golden and brownish hues, it just looks amazing irrespective of the places you use it. This is the reason many people prefer to use Brass profile in their homes. It is also comparatively expensive than the other options.

    Plastic T profile

    Plastic T profiles or plastic T sections are also easily available in the market. They are also known as PVC T profiles. You can buy them very cheaply from the market but they feel to provide a rich a classy look. Also, you can use them effectively in places that are prone to moisture content and water, like a bathroom or washing area.

    Types of T Profile

    Installation Of T Profile

    Installation of T profile is quite easy as all these T profiles are available in required width and sizes. Show all one needs to do is properly assess the requirement of the right kind of T profile for the application area. Let’s understand this installation process in few simple steps.

    Size Assessment

    The first step is to assess the requirement of the size of the width of the top part and the long part that will get fixed in the furniture groove. You also need to take care of the calculation of the approximate amount of length of T profile covering the whole area.

    Design Layout

    After choosing the right kind of profile for your furniture the next step is to make a layout of the design that you wish to use for your furniture. It can be in the shape of vertical lines, horizontal lines, or any other pattern. Clearly mark the pattern on the furniture before moving onto the next step.

    Making Grooves

    The next and most important step of this process is to make grooves in the furniture in accordance with the size of the vertical part of the profile. The cut of the groove should be just wide enough to strongly hold the vertical part of the T profile. This will help your T profile to get a perfect hold in the furniture.

    Fixing T profile

    The final step is to properly fix the profile in the groove after cutting them in appropriate sizes as per the requirement. Use a strong adhesive on the back part of the profile and the top of the furniture to provide a strong and long-lasting hold to your profile.

    T profile installation

    Price Or Cost of T Profile

    As we discussed earlier in this article, T profile is available in many different materials, sizes, colors, textures, and finishes. The price or cost of the profile differs a lot on the basis of all these factors.

    Uses or Application Of T Profile

    A T profile has a lot of advantages and this is the reason it is very commonly used at various places in modern-day architecture. It is quite simple and easy to use and it is also very commonly available in the market. Let’s have a look at some of the popular applications and uses of the profile.

    • It is a great way of hiding the joints in the furniture which are bound to happen because of the size constraints of the furniture materials.
    • The T profile helps to make amazing and unique designs in the furniture which look extremely beautiful and classy.
    • It is also very commonly used for edge banding and it serves as a protecting element for the furniture edges.
    • The good part about T profile is that it can be used almost anywhere as it is a sturdy and robust element.
    • The T profile also helps to provide additional strength to the furniture when it is properly fixed with the help of a strong adhesive.

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