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Study Room Vastu Tips – Best Direction To Study

    The students must have proper knowledge of study room Vastu guidelines for getting success in their studies and exams. The parents should also be aware of the Vastu principles for the study room. So that they can help their children to do well in their studies and to excel in their life.

    When you follow Vastu rules for making and arranging your study room it becomes a place with favorable energies and vibrations. These favorable energies help the students to study with focus and concentration. And this enhances their studying efficiency and aptitude.

    Arranging your study room as per Vastu guidelines is quite easy and it does not require a lot of effort. You can have a Vastu compliant study room by making some small changes and adjustments in this room. But you can gain huge benefits by making these pro-Vastu changes.

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    Study Table Direction As Per Vastu

    A study table is the most important element of the study room. It is the place where the students spend most of their time while studying. So it is quite logical to place the study table in a direction that is favorable as per Vastu guidelines.

    The best study table directions as per Vastu principles are East and north direction. You should place the study table in such a way that while studying the student should face either towards the East or the North direction.

    Also, make sure to place the chair in such a way that while sitting the back of the student should be towards the South or West direction. You should ensure to strictly follow these Vastu rules for directions as they are of utmost importance.

    Best Direction To Study For Students

    Best Direction To Study

    The best direction for the study room is the Northeast direction also known as the ‘Ishan Kon’. But this direction is generally utilized for making pooja room in the house. So the other favorable directions for the study room are the North and east directions of the house.

    If you are not able to make the study room in these directions because of plan constraints, then you have other options too. You can also make a study room in the West or Northwest direction of the home. These directions are also favorable for making the study room.

    Also, it is very important to understand the right direction in which the study should face while studying. The students should always face towards the North, East, or Northeast direction while studying in their study room. This enables them to receive positive universal energies.

    Study Room Vastu – Most Important Tips

    1. The study room of the children should always have proper light and ventilation. This helps in keeping them alert and awake for studies.
    2. You should use light colors like cream, light green, light blue for the study room. These colors help to keep the atmosphere calm and soothing.
    3. The students should never study directly under the beam. These beams create heavy energy under them which is not good for the students.
    4. You can use inspirational pictures or motivational quotes to decorate the walls of the study room to keep the students motivated.
    5. While studying the students should wear light and comfortable clothes. This helps to keep the students comfortable which enhances their efficiency.
    6. You should avoid making the study room in the center of the house. This place is ‘Brahmasthan‘ and it is not suitable for the study room.
    7. The entrance door of the study room should be preferably in the North, Northeast, or East direction of the home.
    8. You should avoid keeping the mirror in the study room. It should especially not reflect the image of the student while studying.
    9. The Southwest corner or the ‘Nairitya Kon’ is the best place to store all your books and other items in the study room.
    10. The study room should never be constructed in the Southeast corner of the home. It can have a bad impact on the overall health of the students.
    Vastu For Study Room

    Vastu Tips For Study Table

    1. It is preferable to keep proper wall support behind the study table. And it should have open space on the front side.
    2. There should not be any window exactly in front of the study table. This affects the concentration of the students while studying.
    3. As per Vastu guidelines, a square or rectangular shape wooden table is the best option for making a study table for the students.
    4. The wall in front of the study table can be utilized for hanging a notice board, calendar, motivational quotes, etc.
    5. You can use a Vastu Pyramid in the study room or on the study table to increase the positive energies of that area.
    6. The study table should always be clean, organized, and clutter-free. This helps the students to have clarity of thoughts      
    7. Avoid keeping excessive and irrelevant books on the study table. These books can create extra psychological pressure on the student.
    8. You should not keep the study table adjacent to the edge of the wall. There should be some gap between the study table and wall.
    9. The students should never eat at the study table. This is not considered auspicious at all as per Vastu principles.
    10. There should a proper pen holder on the study table to keep all the pens and pencils in one place as they can create a mess on the study table.

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