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Store Room Vastu – Best Direction Placement And Tips

    The knowledge of store room Vastu is very essential because store room is a place that bears a huge amount of energy. And more often than not this energy bounty is not well managed. This can lead to major Vastu dosh or Vastu defects in your home.

    Store room is often the most ignored and neglected part of a home. There are many things in a home that we use only once in a while. People generally dump these things in the store room of the house. This creates a sort of dead or unwanted weight in the store room.

    The importance of store room Vastu in commercial spaces is even more crucial than our homes. In commercial spaces like shops, offices, industries, and factories, store room is the house of inventory and stock in big numbers that creates a lot of weight in the store room.

    store room vastu

    This weight in the store room can play a pivotal in maintaining the right kind of energy in any space. If managed properly the store room can aid the free flow of the right energy in the home. On the contrary, it can also disturb the flow of the energies within the house.

    Best Direction For Store Room As Per Vastu

    The amount of energy that links with the store room and the items stored in this room is of heavy and dense nature. So if you use this energy in the right part of your home it will help to create the right balance of overall energy in the home.

    The best directions for store room are the South and West directions. As per Vastu, South, Southwest and West directions should always be kept heavy and closed. And the Store room is kept closed almost all the time and there is always heaviness or weight in this room.

    best direction for store room

    The Southwest direction is also an alternative for creating a store room. But as per Vastu, the Southwest direction is considered best for creating the master bedroom in the house. So one should prefer making a bedroom in this direction of the house.

    The Northwest direction is also considered a good option for having a store-room as this direction constitutes the air element. This makes it a favorable direction for storing items like grains, pulses, and other such items.

    Important Vastu Tips For Store Room

    Vastu tips for store room
    • The store room should always be neat, clean, and organized. You should regularly broom and mop the floor of the store room. Also, properly dust the racks and the storage items from time to time.
    • There should be a proper provision of racks and cupboards in the store room to store all the items in a sorted and organized manner in this room.
    • You should avoid keeping items directly on the floor of the store-room. Always try to place them at least 4 to 5 inches above the floor on a rack or a cupboard.
    • You should avoid storing items that will not be in use for more than 6 months to a year. One should either sell such items or discard them from the home. Try to keep only the regular use items in the store room.
    • Always try to check the moisture and dampness in the store-room as it can create fungus and other microbes on the things stored in the store-room. This can prove to be harmful to the health of the inhabitants.
    • Do not keep very old, unwanted, and broken things in the store-room as they can magnify the negative energies. You should either repair, throw out or dispose of such things.
    • There should be a proper provision of ventilation in the store room. This helps fresh air to enter the room; and also the energy from the sunlight helps to keep away the negative elements.
    • Make the racks in the store room at some distance from the wall. This helps to keep away the moisture and dampness, if any on the wall, from the articles and stored items.
    • There should always be proper space in the store room to move around. One should not clutter the floor space with unorganized and ill-managed articles and storage items.
    • Choose the right colors for your store room, do not paint very dark colors in the store room. Also, keep proper lighting in the store room so that you can see all the details properly.

    Effects Of Store Room Vastu Defects

    store room vastu defects

    If one creates the store room in the wrong parts or direction of the home like the North, Northeast, or East directions, then it creates heaviness in these directions. This in turn blocks the positive energies from these directions, and this can be very detrimental.

    This can lead to financial problems, health issues, and problems related to children and the young ones in the home. Wrong placement of store room can also lead to problems like increase of bad debts in the business, lack of profit in the business, and increase in unnecessary expenditure.

    Yous should also not make the store room in the Southeast direction as it constitutes the fire element. If you make the store room in the exact Southeast direction, then it may lead to health problems especially in female members in the home, financial problems, and fire-related hazards in the home.

    Store Room And All Directions

    S.No.DirectionAssociationFavorable For Store Room?
    1.NorthOpportunity and chances.Not Favorable.
    2.NortheastMind and intellect.Not Favorable.
    3.EastRelations and connections.Not Favorable.
    4.SoutheastFemale power and health.Not Favorable.
    5.SouthFame and popularity.Favorable.
    6.SouthwestSkill and family.Favorable.
    7.WestProfit and gains.Favorable.
    8.NorthwestWealth and support.Favorable.

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