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Space Saving Furniture In India – Cool Options For You

    The cost of living is going higher and higher in all the major cities and hence there is more need for space saving furniture in India. Nowadays it has become very common to have a small space to live in the city. Thus utilizing furniture that gives you a greater amount of floor space can help you make sure that you can remain comfortable even in a small size apartment.

    Some furniture items are not used on daily basis and they take a lot of space. But you can’t also avoid them completely because they are required when guests visit your home. This leads you to a dilemma that is pretty hard to get over. Well, luckily there are space saving furniture options available for you which will help you to take the situation into your control.

    Read our article on a few of the best space saving furniture in India that will help you to cope up with the space menace of the small home.

    Trundle Bed

    Although this bed has a compact size it is surprisingly spacious. Below the raised frame of the bed, there is a trundle bed that is easy to pull out. It also has three roomy drawers to hold your stuff.

    Wall Mounted Bed

    This is a horizontal wall mounted bed and when it is in the folded condition it looks like a closed cabinet and in open condition becomes a comfortable bed.

    Hide Away Bed

    This built-in hideaway bed takes the shape of a modern style cabinet. It is very easy to use and converts to bed within a few seconds. It imitates a wardrobe when closed and is a great option to accommodate guests.

    Stacked Tables

    This set of three bedside tables gives you an option to display or keep multiple items and when not in use these tables can be simply stacked.

    Sofa Cum Bed

    This sofa cum bed offers a superior comfort seating experience and has a unique click-clack mechanism which offers space saving option. It is easy to fold and vice versa with a simple click-clack mechanism.

    Foldable Table

    This space saving study table is ideal for a student’s room and offices. It has racks which can store books and files and a study table which can be opened for use anytime.

    Coffee Table Storage

    This coffee table comes with an adjustable height feature and it is very useful for storing items, it looks very classy and uses very little space in the room.

    Table And Stools

    This table comes with four tools and it takes very little space for storage as the stools can be tucked under the table, it can be used for dining, group study, playing board games, etc.

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