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South Facing House Vastu – Most Important Tips And Remedies

    There are many prevalent conceptions and notions regarding Vastu of the south facing house in India, some of them are correct to some extent and some of them are completely wrong. Lately, it has been seen that many builders are demanding premium rates for a north-facing property or an east facing property as they are considered more auspicious.

    But, does that mean a south-facing property is not auspicious?

    In India there is a general tendency amongst the people not opting for a South facing house or commercial property, many people simply avoid purchasing even a great property otherwise, just for the fact that it is south facing. So the question that arises in the mind is why are people so scared of the south direction?

    And why do people feel that a south facing house is not good for them?

    Well, to be very straightforward, the south direction is not at all considered unauspicious in Vastu shastra. And if you purchase a south-facing property it does not carry any bad omen at all. All you need to do is take some care while constructing or purchasing the property. If you take proper note of certain elements before planning your south-facing house, then as per Vastu it can become very favorable for you.

    vastu for south facing house

    Placements of Various Rooms In Your Home

    A south facing house can prove to be very beneficial for you if you place all the rooms of your house in proper places. This will help your house energies to align in positivity and bring peace and prosperity to your house. Let’s have a look at the positioning of the various elements of your house in the south-facing direction.

    Placement of Kitchen

    For a south facing house, the kitchen should be constructed in the south-east corner and if it is not possible then it can be constructed in the north-west corner of the house. These corners are considered auspicious for the family and they bring contentment and peace to the family.

    Placement of Master Bedroom

    The ideal block for the placement of the master bedroom in a south-facing house is the south-west corner block. This corner is believed to generate positive energy and it is supposed to make the bedroom a relaxing and comfortable space.

    Placement of Bathroom

    For a south facing house as per Vastu principles, the bathroom should be constructed either in the east or the west portion of the house. The taps and the showers should be placed in the north direction of the bathroom so that the water could drain to the north-east.

    Placement of Septic Tank

    Vastu principles advise constructing the septic tank either in the north-west block or the north block in a south facing houses. The septic tank should not be built in the exact corner, it should be built after leaving some space from the corner.

    Placement of Water Tank

    If there is an overhead tank in the plan of the house or else if you wish to dig a borewell then it should be preferred to do it in the north block of your south facing plot.

    south facing house vastu
    South Facing House Vastu

    Important Tips For South Facing House As Per Vastu

    • Vastu Shastra suggests that the north direction should be more open, so if one selects a south facing plot then one should ensure to keep some open space in the north and/or east direction.
    • For a south facing house, it should be ensured that the master bedroom is constructed in the SouthWest and that the kitchen is constructed in the SouthEast. The kitchen should not be located on the backside, i.e. NorthEast.
    • The source of the water in the house which can be the boring pump or the underground tank should be at the backside of the house for a south facing house. It should be at the backside and not the front side of such a house.
    • For a south facing house as per Vastu, the entrance should be ninety degrees south facing, which means that the entrance gate should be located in the center so that the entrance in the building is exactly from the south direction.
    • If one is planning to construct a south facing house then one should definitely consider the placement of the rooms, toilets & kitchen with utmost care. But if one is already staying in such a property then one need not worry, as the Vastu dosh can be balanced with remedies.

    Ill Effects of Vastu Dosh in South Facing House

    If a south facing house is not planned properly as per Vastu then like any other direction it can lead to the increased influence of unwanted energies in your home. Some of the problems that are observed in unplanned south facing house are an increase in unwanted expenses, the development of bad influences, problems in career and promotions, ill-health especially in females of the house, problems in marriage finalization of children.

    Accordingly, it becomes very important to understand the placement options for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and all other elements of your house before purchasing or constructing the south facing property. If all the elements are managed well then south facing house can turn out to be very beneficial for the dwellers.


    As per all the stated facts in this article, it can be quite clearly said that the notion that south facing houses or any other properties are bad, is a myth. If one can construct and plan south facing property as per the principles of Vastu then such properties are considered very good.

    The fact is that south facing houses are considered the best option after east facing houses. It is believed that south facing properties promote the wealth of the people inhabiting the house. It also helps to maintain peace and joy in the house, so if you wish to purchase a south facing house, you can definitely go for it after ensuring that all elements are in alignment with Vastu principles.

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