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Shoe Rack Vastu Tips – Correct Placement As Per Vastu

    The placement of the shoe rack as per Vastu is vital for maintaining positivity in the home. Shoes, sandals, slippers, etc. are an essential part of our daily life. And they are one of those elements that create a mess in the home.

    Every family member in the home has at least a pair of shoes or slippers. And if someone in the family is fond of the footwear then there can be a number of shoes and slippers in the house

    shoe rack vastu tips

    The worst thing about shoes and slippers is that they usually accumulate dirt and dust with them. This accumulated dirt and dust not only makes the home dirty but also brings in negative energy.

    Hence it is very important to keep the shoes and slippers in the right place. For the proper management of shoes and slippers in the home, we take the help of an appropriate size shoe rack.

    Best Direction For Placement of Shoe Rack As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu principles the shoe rack can be kept in any direction except the following directions or part of the home.

    1. The exact North part of the home.
    2. Northeast corner or the ‘Ishan Kon‘.
    3. The exact East part of the home.
    4. Brahmasthan‘ or the center part of the home.
    S. No.Suitable Direction For Shoe RackUnsuitable Direction For Shoe Rack
    1.SouthExact North
    3.WestExact East
    4.NorthwestCenter of the home

    The Northeast and North parts of the home are those parts from where the powerful positive energy and vibrations flow into the home. These parts should be used for keeping auspicious or sacred elements of your home.

    The center of the home is known as the ‘Brahmasthan‘, it should never be cluttered. Also, the center of the home is anyway not suitable for the placement of shoe racks in the home.

    As per Vastu the West direction and the Southwest are considered appropriate for placing a shoe rack in the home. The placement of shoe rack in these directions helps to minimize the effects of negative energies entering the home.

    shoe rack vastu

    Shoe Rack Vastu – Important Tips

    • The shoe rack should ideally be outside the house. It should not be inside any of the rooms in the house.
    • Use a shoe rack with doors so that it can be kept closed. This helps to block the negative energy within the shoe rack.
    • You should avoid keeping the shoe rack near the places like kitchen and pooja room.
    • Avoid keeping the shoe rack near the main door or the entrance door of your home.
    • Always keep the shoe rack clean and organized, it should not be messy at all.
    • Clean and wash all the shoes and other footwear regularly. The shoe rack should not have a bad odor.
    • You can place camphor in the shoe rack to get rid of bad odors and negative energy.
    • The shoe rack should not be placed in any of your bedrooms.
    • Shoes and other footwear on the shoe rack should not get entangled with each other.
    • You should maintain separate slippers for wearing at home if you prefer to wear them at the home.
    • Avoid using open shelf shoe rack in your home, they look untidy and can become home to spiders and other insects.

    Negative Effects – Wrong Placement Of Shoe Rack

    It has been a tradition in Indian culture to remove the shoes outside the home. Our ancestors entered the home only after removing their footwear and then washing the feet. Many Indians follow this practice till today in their homes.

    In the temples also the shoes are removed outside before entering the temple. This clearly depicts that in our tradition we do not consider footwear auspicious. As such it is important to keep the footwear at the proper place in the home.

    Neglecting Vastu principles for shoe rack can result in a feud between family members. Shoe rack if kept inside the bedroom can create discord in the relationship of a married couple.

    Vastu defects caused by shoe racks can also result in health issues. It will promote negative energy and it will result in wealth drain, unwanted expenses, and other financial losses.

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