Seven Horses Painting Vastu – 7 Must-Read Tips For Prosperity

If you have proper knowledge of using seven horses painting as per Vastu shastra then it can help you a great deal. The picture of the seven running horses can help you to harness positive energy and vibes from the surroundings. And this positivity will have a great impact on your quality of life.

In these competitive times, everybody is working hard to achieve wealth, prosperity, and success in life. But sometimes despite all the hard work and efforts, people are not able to get the desired results. This does not mean that there was a lack of effort from the side of the individual.

Apart from the hard work of the person, there are other factors also that come into play. In our normal lingo, we call these factors good luck, fortune, favorable energy, kismat, etc. It is crucial for you to understand the role of these factors in your life.

Most successful people know how to use these positive factors in their favor. And this is the reason that they are able to achieve great results even with little effort. On the contrary, people who ignore this aspect of life are not able to achieve much despite putting in tons of effort.

Seven Horses Painting Vastu

Significance Of 7 Running Horses In Vastu

As per Vastu shastra, the image or picture of horses can play a very significant role in enhancing the positivity of a place. The horse especially the running horse is a symbol of growth, speed, success, power, vigor, and prosperity.

So if you place the painting of running horses in your home or office it will help you to achieve growth and prosperity. It will help to give movement and speed to the tasks which have been on hold for a while.

As per Hindu traditions, the number 7 has great significance. It is considered to be a universal and auspicious number. As such keeping a painting of 7 running horses at your office or residence is very auspicious and propitious.

Best Direction For Seven Running Horses Painting

7 Horses Painting Vastu

The best direction for placing the seven running horses painting as per Vastu is the south direction. So you should preferably place the 7 running horses painting on the wall in the south direction.

You can also place the painting of seven galloping horses in the North direction or East direction of the office or home. These directions are also considered favorable for the placement of this painting.

But you also need to take care that the face of the horses should be towards the inside of the office or room. In other words, the painting should not face the door of the office or room.

The seven horses painting helps to remove the blockages and obstructions that are working as hindrances in your progress. One thing related to this aspect that you need to take care of is that there should not be any rope, chain, or leash on the horses.

Effects Of 7 Horses Painting As Per Vastu

Seven Horse Painting Vastu Tips

Vastu Shastra is a very elaborate science that has in-depth explanations of how various factors affect the life of an individual. Our brain responds to images, numbers, and other things in a unique and different manner.

On watching positive images and scenes the prefrontal cortex of our brain releases chemicals like dopamine that help us to feel happy, optimistic, and joyous. And on the contrary, if you continuously see negative things or images in your daily life, it can make your life miserable.

So when you see the image of seven healthy and beautiful horses running at a good speed to reach their destination, it has a great positive impact on your brain. As such, 7 galloping horse painting helps you to align to the positive aspects of things, providing speed and pace to your efforts in the right direction.

Seven Horses Painting Vastu – 7 Must-Read Tips

Seven Horse Painting Vastu
  1. While purchasing the seven running horses painting, you must ensure that the faces of the horses must have a peaceful expression. They should not have an aggressive expression on their face.
  2. The best color for the horses in the painting is white color. The white color of the horses is a symbol of peace, growth, success, and prosperity. You should prefer white color horse painting for use in the home or business.
  3. Hanging the seven galloping horses painting in the wrong direction or at the wrong place can have a negative impact. So make sure to use this painting in the correct manner as per Vastu.
  4. The background of the seven galloping horses’ poster is also very important. The background should not show turmoil, sunset, storms, dust, and any other such disturbing and negative weather conditions.
  5. While selecting the seven horses painting the most important thing that you should consider is the impression of the painting on you. If you feel positive and happy looking at the painting then you should choose it.
  6. You should not hang the painting of seven galloping horses in the bedroom or pooja room of your home. Also, avoid placing this painting in areas near the toilet and bathroom in your home or office.
  7. Using the seven horses painting as per Vastu guidelines will also help in providing financial stability to you. It is said that in a way it helps you to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi in your home.

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  1. First of all, thanks for the detailed information, we highly appreciate your time and dedication on this.

    Now, coming to my question, i’m currently working from home and we have an Easting facing main door. In our living room, we’ve placed a rooster on the south wall. My office is in the North-West room (door facing south) and inside my office room, there is a wardrobe area on the south side without any door to it, can i place these seven horses on the south part of it? If yes, then they will be looking at a window, which is on the north/north-east direction. Is that okay?

    Thanks in-advance. Take care and be well my friend.

    1. Thanks a lot for your appreciation!
      Your office is in a good part as Northwest aids in promoting creativity, communication, and coordination. If you hang the seven horses painting on the wall in the South direction with the orientation of the faces of the horses towards the right, then they will face towards East-Northeast or Northeast direction, which is fine. Also, the window is not exactly opposite to the painting so that’s not an issue.

  2. My house is facing North and inside opposite to main door on South wall I want to put running seven white horses wallpaper with sun and orange background galloping towards east direction (right). Is it ok?

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