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Pooja Room Vastu – Must Read Vastu Tips For Prosperity

    A proper understanding of pooja room Vastu helps you to connect with the supreme power in a divine manner. Following Vastu rules for the pooja room is very essential because it is a holy and sacred place. So, it becomes very crucial to maintain the right energy flow in your pooja room.

    When you make your pooja room in compliance with Vastu Shastra guidelines it makes it a positive and beneficial place for the whole family. The intensity of the energies in a Vastu compliant pooja room is very high. And this energy further freely flows in the other parts of the home and purifies them.

    A Vastu compliant puja room can play a very positive role in your life. It can make you more calm and composed, it can fill you with positive vibrations. It can keep you healthy and wealthy, and it can open up a whole world of new opportunities for success in life. So you should take utmost care while deciding about every aspect of the puja room in your home.

    Pooja Room Vastu

    Best Direction For Pooja Room In Your Home

    The best direction for creating a pooja room in your home is the Northeast direction. The corner or part of your home in this direction is known as ‘Ishan Kon‘ which translates to the ‘Space of Gods’. Hence, as per Vastu shastra guidelines, it is the most auspicious corner to create a pooja room in your home.

    The Earth rotates Eastwards on its axis and it is slightly tilted towards the North. As such, this rotation generates powerful positive energies in the Northeast direction. And when you make your pooja room in this direction it becomes a center of positive universal energies. So when you worship or meditate in this place it fills you up with immense positivity.

    If for some reason you are not able to construct your pooja room in the Northeast direction, then you should construct it in the East or North direction of the house. You should strictly avoid making your pooja room in any other direction. Choose the correct wall for making the mandir, while worshipping you should face the North or East direction.

    Size Of Idols In Pooja Room

    As per Vastu shastra guidelines, you should only keep the idols that have a height of up to 12 inches. You should definitely avoid using idols that are more than a foot-long in your pooja room. The big-size idols of God and Goddesses are required to be maintained with strict rules and regulations.

    And, this is generally not possible in a pooja room at home. So if you keep these big-size idols in the puja room of your home. And you do not take proper care of them as per the prescribed rules and rituals. Then it will have a negative impact on your quality of life. So you should only prefer to use small-size idols of God and Goddesses in the pooja room of your home.

    Pooja Room Vastu – Most Important Tips

    Pooja Room Vastu Tips
    1. You should always keep the pooja room of the home well-lit. Do not leave it in a dark or gloomy state at any time of the day.
    2. You should light an earthen lamp a.k.a Diya, preferably with ghee or til oil in the morning and evening in the pooja room of your house.
    3. Use light and soothing colors like white, cream, light yellow, light green in the pooja room to make it look bright.
    4. You can also use a curtain to cover the pooja mandir in the pooja room in the nighttime and other times when nobody is praying.
    5. At least one family member from the family should always pray and maintain the pooja room on a daily basis.
    6. You can use a small ringing bell for the chants and bhajans in the pooja room of your house.
    7. The top of the mandir in the puja room should be preferably in the shape of a dome or a pyramid. This enhances the positive energy in that place.
    8. You can use a mandir made of teak wood, rosewood, or mango wood in the pooja room. These woods are considered auspicious for making a mandir.

    Things To Avoid Regarding Pooja Room

    Vastu For Pooja Room
    1. Avoid placing photos or idols of the deities directly on the floor. Place them at least a foot above the floor on a platform.
    2. You should not use a big hanging bell, like the one in the temple, in the puja room of your home.
    3. Never keep a broken idol of God or Goddess or a photo frame with broken glass in the pooja room in your home.
    4. You should avoid fixing or grounding any idol in a particular place in your pooja room, the idols should always be movable.
    5. Do not use very dark colors for painting the walls of your pooja room. Dark colors can make the room look dull and gloomy.
    6. You should never make your pooja room under the empty space of the staircase. This creates a major Vastu dosh in your home.
    7. Do not use the empty space in the pooja room of your house for storing any type of storage or ration items.
    8. You should also not keep the photo frames with pictures of family members who have passed away in the pooja room.
    9. Never make your pooja room in the bedroom or kitchen, it is better to not make a puja room than making one in these places.
    10. Avoid using many idols and photos of deities in the pooja room. Keep the room simple, spacious, and free from clutter.
    11. Do not place your pooja room in the center of the house. Brahmasthan is a sacred place but it is not auspicious for making pooja ghar.
    12. To avoid Vastu dosh related to pooja room, you should never place it in the South, Southeast, or Southwest direction of the home.
    13. There should not be any toilet or bathroom near, directly above, or below the pooja room in your house.
    14. God’s place is not supposed to be locked with the lock, so if possible you should avoid using locks in this room.

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