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Plot Vastu – Best Tips To Select The Right Plot

    Choosing the right plot as per Vastu can make a big impact on the quality of life of homeowners. If the selection of the plot is done correctly then making the house as per Vastu guidelines becomes quite easy. This also helps in maintaining the correct energy flow in the home.

    If you select the right plot according to Vastu Shastra, then it will bring happiness and prosperity to your life. On the contrary, if you ignore the Vastu principles and invest in a wrong plot, then it can become the primary reason for sorrow and illness in life.

    There are many factors that can affect your choice of selection of plot as per Vastu. These factors that you should definitely consider while finalizing the plot for constructing your house are as follows.

    Plot Vastu
    • The shape of the plot.
    • Surroundings of the plot.
    • The slope in the plot.
    • The direction in which the plot faces.
    • Width of open area in front.
    • Dead End, L-Junction, T-Junction, Y-Junction.
    • Type of the soil.
    • Size of the plot.
    • The number of open sides.
    • Extensions in the plot.
    • Cuts in the plot.

    Best Facing For Plot As Per Vastu

    The facing or direction of the plot is very important as per Vastu. The direction of the plot or any other property is the direction in which one faces while coming out of that plot or property.

    According to Vastu Shastra, the best plot facing or directions are North, East, and Northeast directions. This does not mean that you cannot buy a plot with any other facing or direction.

    In case you are not able to buy a property with East facing or North facing, you can choose a South facing or west facing plot. But you have to make sure that the entrance gate is exactly in the center and not anywhere else.

    In case you cannot construct the entrance in the exact center then you should not consider such property. Because such a property can be a cause of many troubles and worries for you in the future.

    Shape Of Plot As Per Vastu

    Vastu For Plot

    As per Vastu Shastra, the locations of points of four corners of the plot are very important. The best plot according to Vastu is a perfect square and rectangular plot. Irregular shape plots are not considered good.

    The ratio of the length and breadth of the plot is also important. The plot with a length and breadth ratio of 1:2 is considered a perfect rectangle. And, as per Vastu, it is a well-balanced property.

    The plot with a ratio of 1:2.5 is also good and a plot with a ratio of 1:3 is also considered to be good as per Vastu. Beyond this, if two sides are long enough, then the treatment of the plot becomes necessary.

    Extensions In The Plot As Per Vastu

    Some plots can also have extensions in any corner, you have to be highly cautious while purchasing such plots. The extension is only favorable if it is in the North, East, or Northeast direction.

    Apart from this if there is an extension in any other direction then you should avoid purchasing such a plot. Extensions or cuts in the plot can be treated but they mostly result in wastage of space.

    You should consult a Vastu expert for the proper treatment of such plots with extensions. And if it is not possible to treat such plots with extensions or cuts, then you should avoid purchasing them.

    Slope Of The Plot As Per Vastu

    Plot Vastu Tips

    The slope of the plot is auspicious towards the North, East, or Northeast direction. The slope of the plot is not considered good if the plot is sloping towards any other direction.

    If the slope of the plot is towards South or SouthWest then such plots are not auspicious at all. Such kinds of plots can create many problems in your life if you construct a house on it.

    Hence, if you can balance the slope by filling the plot with soil, then only you should purchase such a plot. Otherwise, you should not consider purchasing such plots for construction.

    Best Vastu Tips For Plot Selection

    Vastu Tips For Plot
    • As per Vastu principles, a plot that has a road in the North or East direction is considered auspicious.
    • Make sure that there was not any kind of graveyard or cemetery in that plot or in the area near the plot.
    • The direction of the entrance of the plot is a very significant Vastu element, so make sure to choose it well.
    • It is also important to consider the road junctions like T-junction, L-junction, Y-junction, etc. during plot selection.
    • Also, ensure that the plot should not be the last plot where the road is coming to an end i.e. Dead-end Plot.
    • There should not be a very large building in front of the plot, as it can affect the flow of positive energy.
    • A Shermukhi plot that is wide in the front or entrance and narrows at the back is not auspicious for residential plots.

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