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Overhead Water Tank Vastu – Powerful Tips And Remedies

    Understanding the overhead water tank Vastu is crucial as the placement of water can have a serious impact on the energy flow. In modern buildings and homes, overhead water tanks especially plastic ones, have become a very popular component for water storage.

    These overhead water tanks are available in various shapes and sizes. And they have the capacity to store hundreds of liters of water in them. This huge amount of water storage is a very crucial component as per Vastu Shastra, as it can dearly affect the flow of energy in the home.

    If one places the overhead water tank in the wrong direction in the home then it can cause many health and finance-related problems. In the same way, the right position of this overhead water tank as per Vastu can bring health and prosperity to the home.

    Overhead Water Tank Vastu

    Best Direction For Overhead Water Tank As Per Vastu

    The best directions for placing the overhead water tank in the home are West and Northwest direction of the home. These two directions are most favorable and propitious for placement of overhead and ground-level water tanks as per Vastu.

    The West-Southwest direction is also favorable for keeping the overhead and ground-level water tanks. But it is a sub direction and locating it correctly can be quite a challenge. This is the reason that it is not often suggested to keep the water tank in this tertiary level direction.

    Any other direction than these directions is not favorable for placing the overhead water tank in any residential or commercial building. The Vastu rules for placing the underground water tank are different, and other directions are favorable for placing an underground water tank.

    Best Direction Overhead Water Tank Vastu

    Directions To Avoid For Overhead Water Tank

    If you place the overhead water tank in any of the wrong directions then it can cause many problems and troubles for the inhabitants of the home. Accordingly, you should take utmost care while selecting the spot for the placement of an overhead water tank in your home.

    The best time for choosing the right spot for the placement of this tank is during the initial setup. Once it has been set up in the wrong direction, changing its position can be quite a challenge. As per Vastu shastra guidelines, you should avoid placing the overhead water tank in the following directions.

    Overhead Water Tank Vastu Best Direction
    • North direction.
    • Northeast direction.
    • East direction.
    • Southeast direction.
    • South direction.
    • Southwest direction.

    Powerful Tips For Overhead Water Tank As Per Vastu

    Overhead Water Tank Vastu Tips
    • The overhead water tank should never be exactly above the bedroom or kitchen as it can have negative effects.
    • This water tank should always be at least one to two feet above the ground, preferably on a concrete slab.
    • You should thoroughly clean the overhead water tank at regular intervals to avoid the accumulation of dirt.
    • Avoid placing the overhead water tank in the middle or center of the roof at this place is Brahmasthan.
    • There should not be any kind of leakage in this water tank as it will lead to water seepage in the whole building.
    • Preferably you should use a water tank made of cement and bricks with proper waterproofing to avoid leakage.
    • But at present, plastic water tanks are very popular and easy to install so many people use them too.
    • It is better to prefer light colors like white and cream for selecting the overhead water tank.
    • You can also cover the overhead water tank with a protective sheet to save it from excessive heat during summer.
    • For plastic overhead water tanks, you can make a boundary of the brick walls on all four sides for protection from heat.

    Bad Effects Of Overhead Water Tank Vastu Dosh

    The wrong placement of overhead water tanks can create Vastu dosh or Vastu defects in your home. If this water tank is in the North, Northeast, or East direction, then it creates heaviness.

    This can lead to health issues, financial problems, and problems in the education of children. If the overhead tank is in the Southeast direction, then it can lead to fire-related problems and fertility issues in women.

    If the overhead water tank is in the South or Southwest directions, it can lead to instability in the life of family members. Placing this tank in Brahmasthan can also lead to major Vastu defects.

    When the water tank is above the bedroom it can lead to stress, sleep disorders, and anxiety for people sleeping in this room. And when it is above the kitchen it interacts with fire element causing many problems.

    Remedies For Overhead Water Tank Vastu Dosh

    Vastu For Overhead Water Tank

    The best remedy for overhead water tank Vastu dosh is to change the incorrect position of the water tank. You have to then place the overhead water tank in the correct position as per Vastu. Only this remedy will provide you the best results.

    If you are not able to shift the water tank and place it in the correct direction then you can resort to other measures. For this, the right remedy has to be chosen as per the placement of other elements in your home.

    If you are not sure about the right steps to be taken for nullifying the effect of overhead water tank Vastu dosh, you should consult a Vastu expert to get rid of this problem.

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