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New Vastu Tips For Sofa Set – Best Direction N Place

    Having proper knowledge of Vastu for sofa set is very essential for you. The sofa set is the center of attraction of your drawing room. It is the place where you sit, relax, and enjoy your leisure time with friends and family.

    Choosing the right places to position your sofa set is as important as buying the right type of sofa set for your home. You spend a lot of your time on the sofa set every day while watching TV, listening to music. And doing other regular daily life stuff.

    So when you align your sofa set in the most natural way, as per the Vastu guidelines, it makes your life a lot better. It makes you and your family members more suited to get the benefits from the almighty and nature.

    vastu for sofa set

    Adjusting your sofa set in accordance with the Vastu principles is one of the easiest things to do. But before that, you need to understand the proper placement of the sofa set as per the laws of Vastu Shastra.

    Correct Position Of Sofa Set As Per Vastu

    The sofa sets are generally of two basic shapes in our country. The first shape is the L-shaped sofa set and the other shape is a U-shaped sofa set. Depending on the size and placement of other elements in the room people choose from these two options.

    Vastu For L-shaped Sofa Set

    If you have an L-shaped sofa set in your drawing room then you should place it in such a way that one part is in the south direction and the other part is in the west direction of your room.

    This will mean that when you sit on your L-shaped sofa you will either face in the north direction or you will face in the east direction. And if you sit in the Southwest corner of the sofa set you will face in the Northeast direction.

    vastu for sofa set

    Vastu For U-Shaped Sofa Set

    When you are trying to place your U-shaped sofa set as per Vastu guidelines in the drawing-room you should first place one part in the south direction and the other part in the west direction.

    Then you will be left with the last part. Make sure this is the smaller part if you different size parts in your sofa set. Now, you can place this last part either in the north direction or east direction as per your requirement.

    Significance Of Right Direction Of Sofa Set As Per Vastu

    Choosing the right direction for placement of sofa set as per Vastu principles can bring a lot of positive changes in your life. As we discussed above you should place the sofa set along the southwest corner of your room.

    This southwest corner is the ‘Nairitya Kon‘ in Vastu Shastra. And Vastu advises that this part or corner should always be used for keeping heavy things. The sofa set is one of the heaviest furniture items in your home.

    So it is beneficial for you if you occupy the Nairitya Kon with the sofa set. Also when you place the sofa set in the south and west side you face the north and east directions of your home.

    These are the directions from where you receive the favorable energies. These energy and vibrations help you to have good health, opportunities for prosperity, and earning more wealth.

    Most Important Vastu Tips For Sofa Set

    vastu for sofa set
    • Never place the sofa set in such a way that while entering from the door the back of the sofa set is visible. When any visitor comes to your living room and sees the back of the sofa it does not seem welcoming.
    • Clean the sofa sets properly on regular basis. Mostly the sofa sets are cleaned from the front part but a lot of dirt settles on the back part. This is not auspicious at all as per Vastu.
    • You should arrange all the elements in your drawing room in such a way that when a guest enters the room he or she should not face any hindrance in reaching the sofa set.
    • Maintain the sofa set properly, it should not make any kind of noises while changing the position or postures. Those creeky sounds are annoying and disturb the peaceful atmosphere.
    • During the regular brooming in your living room, a lot of dirt and dust accumulates below the sofa set especially in the corner and edges of the room. Make sure to remove this dust and dirt at regular intervals.
    • As per Vastu guidelines, there is no limitation on the size of the sofa set or the shape of the sofa set. You can use any kind of size or shape as per your requirement for the drawing-room.

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