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Money Plant Vastu Tips | Importance, Benefits, Placement and Other Details

    The money plant holds a significant place in the Vastu of your home, it is one of the very few plants that are considered strong enough to change the overall energy of a place. The scientific name of this plant is ‘Epipremnum aureum’, but it is popularly known as the money plant because it is believed to attract wealth, happiness, and prosperity in your home.

    As per Vastu principles, it is very important to grow the money plant in the right place and the right direction. The key to bringing in prosperity and wealth is not the quantity in which the plant is grown, even a small money plant grown in the right direction and right space of your home can produce wonderful results for you.

    Accordingly, it becomes very important to align the placement of the money plant with Vastu principles for getting the right kind of results.

    money plant vatu tips

    Benefits of Money Plant

    • There are many benefits of keeping this easy growing plant inside your home, as per Vastu money plant attracts prosperity and good luck in the house. The fast growth of this plant connotes life, growth, and prosperity.
    • It is believed that the money plant absorbs a fair amount of radiation from the surroundings, as such placing a money plant near electronic devices like computers, television, mobiles, etc. can help in maintaining lesser radiations level in the home.
    • Green plants like money plants look very beautiful and they add to the aesthetic value of your home. They are pleasing to the eye, they are easy to grow, and they light up the whole space with their colorful presence.
    • As per Vastu principles, it is believed that money plants absorb negative radiations and negative energy from the home, as such they are believed to increase the positivity in your home making it more peaceful.
    • It is also believed that the money plant helps the inhabitants by reducing the amount of stress and anxiety in their life. It can also prove to be very helpful for people suffering from depression and restlessness.

    Money Plant Vastu Tips

    • The money plant is considered an important plant in both Vastu principles and Feng Shui principles, as per traditional beliefs it is believed that a money plant that is grown from a stolen or borrowed money plant house of a wealthy person brings in the best results.
    • Money plants should not be planted outside the home because this plant efficiently works inside the house. Money plant is one of those plants that have the ability to produce oxygen at night time also, as such it is considered an ideal plant for growing indoors.
    • You should always ensure that the vine of money plant should not be allowed to grow in the downward direction, it should either climb upwards or horizontally. The growth of the money plant in the downward direction is considered to be an omen of a negative form of growth.
    • Proper pruning of the money plant should be done at periodic intervals, any unhealthy leaves should be removed while pruning. If you are growing the money plant in water then you should make sure to change the water at regular intervals.
    • The heart-shaped leaves of the money plant not only produce an ample amount of oxygen but also symbolically represent good health and cordial relationships in your family. The leaves of the money plant bring love and happiness to a family.
    money plant vastu

    Best Direction To Grow

    According to Vastu and Feng shui principles, the best direction for placing the money plant inside your home is the southeast direction. If the money plant is placed in the southeast direction of your home then it attracts health, peace, and prosperity in your life.

    Money plant can also be placed in the north direction of your room, it is advisable to grow this plant in a blue water bottle for attracting wealth and happiness in your home.

    If you are planning to grow the money plant in the east direction in the Eastern part of your room, then you should plant it in a green bottle. This will specifically help you to increase your influence and respect in your circle and society.

    The money plant should not be planted in the west or southwest direction of your home. As per Vastu principles, these two directions are not considered to be suitable for growing money plant.

    Easy Process Of Growing A Money Plant At Home

    You can grow the money plants easily in your home from cuttings or else you can also propagate money plants from vine cuttings. If you wish to grow the money plant from the vine cuttings then take a long money plant vine strand and cut all the stalks beneath the leaves. You should leave behind only a little part of the stalk beneath the leaves.

    Now clean all the leaves properly and put these leaves in a glass of water in such a way that the nodes should be submerged in the water. Put this glass of water near a window in indirect sunlight for about one month time. Keep changing the water at regular intervals because the newly developing roots will require fresh water for their growth.

    After a period of one month, you will observe new roots developing from the leaf nodes, separate the leaves one by one and choose the leaves with healthy roots and put these separated leaves in another pot with fresh water.

    Important Tips To Grow The Plant

    The new roots need air as much as they need water to grow, so you should replace the old water with fresh water at regular intervals, you don’t need to do it every day but you should do it every 2 to 4 days.

    The water that comes out of your tap has oxygen in it as it sits the oxygen evaporates and the water becomes stale, so replacing the water every couple of days is a good practice.

    The best place to put the cuttings is on your kitchen counter or somewhere where it’s nice and warm because the roots need warm temperatures to grow. The roots on these plants will not grow properly at lower temperatures, so place these plants at some place with indirect light.

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