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Marble Mandir For Home – Best Temple Design & Ideas

    Marble temple or Marble Mandir is an excellent high-quality readymade temple that is easily available in stone and marble shops. You can simply purchase and install it anywhere in your home to make a beautiful and peaceful puja room or worship place in the home.

    In today’s scenario, the homes are getting smaller in size day by day, and in some homes even a few square feet extra space matters. People who live in flats and apartments pretty well understand the importance of space in their homes.

    marble mandir

    They do not have the luxury of space to make a separate pooja room for themselves. But irrespective of whether the space is available or not, all of us need a place where we can sit, pray, worship, and connect to the almighty.

    A Marble temple or Marble Mandir offers a great solution to this problem. It comes in neat, clean, and beautiful patterns that can be used for making a magnificent pooja space. Let’s have a look at some of the simple yet beautiful marble Mandir designs that you can use in your home.

    Golden And White Marble Temple

    marble temple

    This beautiful golden and white marble temple will look amazing in any puja room. Marble temples are available in various sizes, and this temple is of a decent size. Both golden and white colors are considered auspicious in Hindu rituals. As such, using these colors for your marble temple is the best thing to do.

    Small and Tiny Marble Temple

    marble mandir

    As we discussed earlier some people have to face huge space constraints in their home. Such people can use simple small or tiny marble Mandir in their home. We should remember that the almighty does not care about the size of the temple, it is the faith that actually matters.

    Black and White Marble Temple

    marble mandir

    Black and white are the most basic colors of all the colors. They are simple yet very powerful colors. You can choose black and white marble Mandir like this one for making a simple and beautiful mandir in your home. When you are trying to connect to the divine you should see things in the simplest forms and this is what this temple represents.

    Grand Size Marble Mandir

    marble temple

    If you have enough space available in your home and you still want to opt for a Marble Mandir because of the beauty and uniqueness they offer, you can choose a grand size Marble Mandir like this. Marble is quite an expensive stone, as such, using a big size Marble Mandir like this will come at a cost.

    Double Story Marble Mandir

    marble temple

    Marble temples come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. This is the beauty of the marble stone that it can be converted into a plethora of shapes and patterns. This beautiful double story temple exhibits one such pattern in which the idols can be placed upstairs and other Pooja items can be put downstairs.

    Multi-Window Marble Temple

    marble mandir

    This beautiful temple is a small-size replica of an actual temple. Most of the Hindu temples are built in a way that they have multiple windows in which different Gods and Goddesses can be placed in their positions. This small temple also offers multiple windows for placing different idols at your home.

    Multi Domes Marble Temple

    marble temple

    Domes are considered very powerful structures as per Hindu mythology. They have enormous positive energy at their center. For this reason, all the temples have the Dome or a pyramid structure at the top. So you can also opt for a beautiful marble Mandir with domes or pyramids at the top to get the right kind of energy circulating in your space.

    Organizing A Marble Mandir At Your Home

    A marble temple is very beautiful on its own so you don’t need to decorate it too much. You can simply decorate it by hanging artificial flower strings. And you can also place LED lights to give it a beautiful effect especially at night.

    Everyone should decorate the temple as per their choice. Faith is a very personal thing so you should choose the idols and photos that you want to keep in your Mandir as per your own preferences.

    On the sides of the marble temple, you can place earthen lamps that look really amazing when you light them up. You should place copper plates in front of the mandir for keeping Diyas, Prasad, Kumkum, Chandan, etc.

    Also, keep a fresh flower basket for offering flowers to the Gods. You can also buy a stand to keep Ramayana or Holy Geeta on this stand in front of your temple. Some people also keep Gangajal in the temple, so if you want you can also place a bottle of Gangajal near the temple.

    You should preferably make your mandir in the Northeast corner of your home. If that place is occupied you should prefer to use the North part or the East part of your home to make marble mandir in home.

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