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Kota Stone Flooring – Detail Guide With All Information

    Kota stone flooring is very popular in North and Central India as it provides a durable and inexpensive option for beautiful flooring. The Kota stone is a fine grain variety of limestone which is obtained from the district of Kota and its nearby places in the state of Rajasthan.

    Kota stone is mainly available in earthly colors like shades of green, grey, brown, and beige. The Kota stone flooring is one of the most affordable, economic, and durable methods of flooring. This flooring is especially considered very suitable for high traffic areas.

    This naturally occurring stone is quite rough and scaly in nature and it has to be polished well after the flooring has been laid down. Although it does not look as beautiful as marble or granite even after polishing, considering the price of this stone it gives you moderately beautiful flooring options for many parts of your home.

    Kota Stone Flooring

    Uses And Application Of Kota Stone

    Kota stone has a wide scope of application in both residential and commercial properties. Kota stone flooring is appropriate for usage in almost all parts of the home if the look of Kota stone flooring suits the requirement of the homeowner.

    The Kota stone flooring is very commonly used in driveways, staircases, rooms, kitchen, courtyard, lobby area, garden area, bathroom, and almost all other places inside the home. Kota stone flooring is also a very popular choice for terrace flooring, balcony flooring, and other outdoor floorings.

    This flooring is also used on a large scale in commercial and non-residential buildings like temples, hospitals, government buildings, factories, warehouses, bus stands, and railway stations.

    Kota Stone Flooring Uses Application

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Kota Stone

    Kota stone flooring has a lot of advantages and disadvantages and this is the reason it is very popular amongst the general public especially in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. It also has some disadvantages that limit its usage. Let’s have a look at some of the main advantages and disadvantages of this flooring.

    Advantages of Kota Stone Flooring

    Highly Durable

    High durability is probably the biggest advantage of the Kota stone flooring. This stone is extremely hard and tough and it can withstand the test of time for very long durations. This is the reason it is very popularly used in commercial and public areas.

    Natural Stone

    Like marble and granite, the Kota stone is also a naturally occurring stone that is eco-friendly and biodegradable. It is suitable for usage in almost all types of climatic conditions like dry, humid, hot, and cold.


    The Kota stone is highly resistant to water and once it has been set properly it does not allow the water to seep in. The Kota stone is naturally non-slippery and non-slopey and this is the reason it is used for terrace flooring and bathroom flooring also.

    Affordable Option

    Kota stone flooring is a very affordable option of flooring as the Kota stone tiles are available in the market at an inexpensive rate. Once they are installed properly they function at their best for a very long duration of time. This makes them very cost-effective also.

    Cool and Comfortable

    The Kota stone naturally reflects back heat and because of this quality, it remains pretty cool even in higher temperatures. And it is also very easy and comfortable to walk on these Kota stones.

    Kota Stone Flooring Advantages Disadvantages

    Disadvantages of Kota Stone Flooring

    Tile Size

    The Kota stone tiles are not available in larger sizes like marble and granite because of the brittleness of this limestone. And because of this reason, many tiles have to be used even for small areas. This leads to a lot of joints in between the tiles and the floor does not look seamless.


    Continuous and rough use of Kota stone flooring may result in flaking of the Kota stone which can make it look bad. However, you can overcome this disadvantage by regular polishing and waxing of the stones.

    Limited Colors

    Although the Kota stone is available in many different colors most of them are earthly and dark colors. And these dark colors do not suit the requirements of all types of interior decor. The darker colors can also make small rooms look gloomy and less spacious.

    Not Lustrous

    The final finishing of the Kota stone is not very lustrous in nature. Even after proper polishing, it does not shine and luster as good as a marble or granite stone does.

    Kota Stone Flooring Texture

    Kota stone is available in a variety of earthly colors but the shades of green, blue, grey, and brown have become the most popular choices for flooring needs. The Kota stone is not very rich in textures and it provides a rather simple look to the floor.

    The Kota stone is also available in many other different colors like honey, black, pink, grey, and beige. But all these colors are also pretty simple and they are not very rich in texture and patterns.

    Kota Stone Flooring Price Or Cost

    Kota Stone Flooring Cost Price

    As we discussed earlier in this article the Kota stone is one of the cheapest options for flooring. The Kota stone tiles are easily available in the market for a price of Rs. 30 to Rs. 35 per square foot. They are available in many different sizes and the maximum size is about 240 cm by 75 cm.

    The other additional costs that one has to incur while laying down the Kota stone flooring are the labor cost, grout cost, cement, and sand cost. And apart from these costs an additional cost of Rs. 20 to Rs. 25 per square foot has to be incurred on the polishing of the Kota stone.

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