Kitchen Chimney Size – Choose Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen

Kitchen is the powerhouse of your home and the person who cooks in the kitchen, is the one who drives the fuel in this powerhouse. As such it is very necessary to ensure good health of the person who cooks in the kitchen. Knowing the appropriate kitchen chimney size for your kitchen is a step forward in this direction.

Kitchen is used for many purposes such as frying, baking, steaming, boiling, grilling etc. which may fill your kitchen with smoke and fumes. And intake of this smoke in high quantities is not at all good for you. 

So if you set up a quality chimney in your kitchen in accordance with the size of your cooktop or hob and measurements of the kitchen, it will help you to throw out most of the smoke and fumes outside the kitchen in an effective manner.

Size Of The Chimney

The thumb rule for choosing the size of the chimney for your kitchen is that you should not opt for a chimney that is lesser in width than the size of your cooktop/ gas stove/cooking range.

Generally, there are two popular sizes of chimney that are considered best chimney for Indian kitchen, these two sizes are 60 cm and 90 cm.

For a normal Indian kitchen the chimney with a 60 cm width is sufficient. As, a typical Indian kitchen is moderate in size and consists of 2 to 3 burner gas stove.

60 cm Kitchen Chimney

As mentioned above, the rule to keep in mind is that the chimney should sufficiently cover the cooking range in your kitchen. 

So, if your cooking range is moderate in size and if you use a gas stove with up to 3 burners, then the optimum size of chimney for your kitchen is 60 cm. 

90 cm Kitchen Chimney

A 90 cm wide kitchen chimney is useful for keeping away the smoke and fumes in the kitchen which has a relatively wider cooking range. 

If you use a gas stove with more than 3 burners, then the optimum size of chimney for your kitchen is 90 cm, as a bigger chimney will be able to suck out smoke more efficiently. 

Distance Between Chimney And Gas Stove

It is very important to maintain an optimum space between the gas stove and chimney in the kitchen, so that the whole setup works in an efficient manner.

If you place the chimney at a long gap from the gas stove, then it will affect the suction capacity of the chimney. And the chimney will not be able to clear up the smoke and the fumes in the kitchen efficiently.

On the other hand, if you place the chimney too close to the gas stove then there is always a risk of your kitchen chimney catching the fire.

So, you should place the chimney at an optimum space to allow it to work properly, ideally, the gap between the stove and the chimney should not be less than 65 cm and this gap should not be more than 75 cm.

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