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Keep Goddess Lakshmi Photo As Per Vastu – All Details

    You should always keep Goddess Lakshmi photo as per Vastu in your pooja room. As per Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi is considered the goddess of wealth and prosperity. If Goddess Lakshmi is pleased with your karma then you will live a life full of wealth and abundance.

    Goddess Lakshmi is also known as mother Lakshmi or Maa Lakshmi, she is very kind and generous. But many people do not get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi in their life. This could be because of their bad Karma or wrong placement of Goddess Lakshmi photo in their home.

    where to keep lakshmi photo at home

    In this article, we will tell you about all the important facts that you should follow for placing the goddess Lakshmi photo. This will help to attract positive energy, wealth, and prosperity to your home.

    Where To Keep Goddess Lakshmi Photo At Home  

    The best place to keep Goddess Lakshmi photo at home is the North or East part of the Northeast corner of your home. This Northeast corner is also known as the Ishan Kon. This corner is the most auspicious place for making a pooja room or mandir in your home.

    Place the photo in such a manner that while worshipping you either face towards the north or east direction. Do not place the photo of goddess Lakshmi in the south direction of your home.

    You should also place a photo or idol of Lord Vishnu adjacent to the photo of goddess Lakshmi. Do not place multiple photos of goddess Lakshmi in the pooja room and other places in your home.

    Importance of Mata Lakshmi Photo

    In almost all photos of Mata Lakshmi, she is seen providing wealth with both hands. It shows the generous and benevolent nature of Maa Lakshmi. She is seen wearing a red and golden saree which reflects the positive powers.

    She sits on a big Lotus flower and she also holds one lotus flower each in both hands. Lotus flowers are the symbol of doing good against all the odds. A lotus flower grows in the dirt or mud but it still grows to become a beautiful flower.

    maa lakshmi photo

    This shows that Goddess Lakshmi showers her blessings on the person who works hard against all the odds in life. A person who follows good Karma throughout his life without thinking about the results always stays healthy and wealthy.

    As per Hindu mythology, Owl is the ride of Goddess Lakshmi. The Owl symbolizes having a proper vision even in the darkness. It signifies that one should not accept failure even in tough times.

    Which Direction Should Lakshmi Face?

    The best place to keep the photo of the goddess Lakshmi is the east part of the northeast corner of your home. If the photo is placed in the east part then goddess Lakshmi would face towards the west.

    The photo of goddess Lakshmi should be placed in such a way that while offering your prayers you either face towards the north direction or the east direction of your pooja room.

    Can We Keep Standing Lakshmi Idol At Home?

    You should not keep standing Idol of Goddess Lakshmi in your home. This position of Goddess Lakshmi is not auspicious. It is believed that in this standing position one will not get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi for long.

    You should also avoid keeping the photo or idol of goddess Lakshmi with her ride. The Owl is the ride of Goddess Lakshmi. If the photo shows both owl and Goddess Lakshmi then they will not stay in your home for long.

    S. N.QuestionAnswer
    1.What is the best direction to keep Lakshmi photo?The best directions to keep Lakshmi photo are the East and North of the Northeast corner of the house.
    2.Where should I face while praying?You should preferably face towards the East or the North direction while praying.
    3.Can we keep standing Lakshmi Idol at home?No, it is not advised to keep standing Lakshmi Idol at home.
    4.Can we keep photo with owl?No, it is not advised to keep Goddess Lakshmi with an owl photo.
    5.Where to place laxmi charan paduka?Laxmi charan paduka should be placed at the sides of the entrance gate and pooja room gate.
    6.Is Goddess Laksmi Photo with lotus flower necessary?Yes, you should only place a photo in which Goddess Lakshmi is sitting on a big lotus flower.

    Where To Place Laxmi Charan Paduka

    The best place to keep Laxmi Charan Paduka is the sides of the entrance gate and pooja room gate. Place Charan Paduka in such a way that the feet should walk towards the inside of the house or pooja room.

    Lakshmi Charan Paduka is very auspicious for your home. This is the reason many people use Lakshmi Charan Paduka in their home at the entrance gate and also at the gate a pooja room or mandir.

    In Hindu homes, people use Lakshmi Charan Paduka, especially on auspicious occasions and ceremonies. People believe that these Charan Paduka attract and invite Goddess Lakshmi to their homes.

    Maa Lakshmi Photo – Must Check Points

    Diwali is one of the biggest Hindu festivals. It is an occasion when all the Hindu families worship the Goddess Lakshmi. This Lakshmi puja is very essential for every Hindu home. Also placing the right photo of Mata Lakshmi is very important.

    You should definitely follow the following points before buying a Mata Lakshmi photo for your home.

    • You must ensure that Mata Lakshmi is sitting on a giant Lotus flower in the photo.
    • Goddess Lakshmi should not be in the standing position in the photograph.
    • You must also ensure that the feet of Mata Lakshmi is not visible in the photograph.
    • Photograph with elephants on either side of Maa Lakshmi is very auspicious.
    • If the elephants are showering coins with their trunks then this photo attracts wealth and money to the house.
    • Goddess Lakshmi should be smiling and showering wealth from her hands in the photograph.

    5 thoughts on “Keep Goddess Lakshmi Photo As Per Vastu – All Details”

    1. Can we place the God Lakshmi with kuberaer God photo in Southeast corner (backside of the main door) and that photo direction towards North?
      Our house is South face direction, and main door is placed on southeast corner

    2. I have placed Goddess Lakshmi photo just above the main door of my flat facing inside of my house (North – East Corner of the flat). I have placed the photo as I see Goddess Lakshmi every time I am leaving home. Its just above the main door facing towards inside of the flat. What do you suggest about it sir.

    3. I hv a painting of a lady writting letter lying down on her stomach near river in the night .
      In which direction we should keep this

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