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Jade or Crassula Plant Vastu – Attract Money N Good Luck

    As per Vastu jade plant or crassula is a very special and magical plant that can offer you miraculous benefits if you use it in the right way. This unique plant attracts wealth, good luck, new opportunities, and well-being to the people living in the home in which it is planted.

    Jade plant is known by many other names like Crassula Ovata, Money tree, Good Luck tree, Lucky tree, etc. The first use of this amazing plant was done by the Chinese people. And it is still a very popular plant in Feng Shui and Chinese traditions.

    They discovered the special energy of the jade plant and its good effects on the people who take care of it. The leaves of the jade plant have unique powers to attract positive energy. And then this plant passes this beneficial energy to the owner of the place.

    To gain maximum benefits from this plant you have to use it in the right way as per Vastu and Feng Shui principles. On proper application, this money tree will have a positive effect on the health, wealth, materialistic and spiritual growth of the inhabitants.

    Jade plant vastu

    Benefits Of Jade or Crassula Plant In Your Home

    The jade or crassula plant does not only help to create a happy and prosperous home environment, but it also has several medicinal benefits. This money tree contains many components that help in curing a number of diseases.

    The jade plant has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. It is used externally to treat various skin diseases and other conditions. It is also used for healing wounds and as a treatment for nausea.

    Crassula plant also contains essential oils, volatile substances, alkaloids, flavonoids, etc. These substances are very beneficial for the human body. That’s why many people consider it sacred as it brings happiness, love, and well-being.

    Best Direction – Jade or Crassula Plant As Per Vastu

    Jade Plant Vastu direction

    The best place to keep the jade plant to attract money and wealth is by the entrance gate of the property. And the most favorable directions to keep the jade plant as per Vastu are North, East, or Northeast directions.

    You can also keep the jade or crassula plant in the South, West, or any other direction for some time. This can be done to reduce the negative energy of that particular area or direction. Many people use this plant as a Vastu remedy too.

    When you place the jade plant near the main entrance of the home, it looks very pleasing to the eye. It not only looks good but also increases the cash inflow and wealth generation of that particular place.

    Many people use the crassula plant to enhance business growth by keeping it in the appropriate places in the office. Also, many cafes and restaurants place a jade plant by the door to attract customers and new business.

    Important Points – Jade Plant Vastu

    Jade Plant Vastu Tips
    • The unique thing about the jade plant is that it can regrow even from a single leaf. This symbolizes the growth in wealth from rags to riches.
    • These plants are perfect for housewarming gifts. They may be given as a wedding gift too, as these plants can last a lifetime and spread positivity.
    • The Jade or Crassula plant is very good for both the physical and mental health of all the people living in the home.
    • It purifies the home from negative energy. If you take care of the jade plant, it will offer multifold benefits in return.
    • Crassula does not only offer wealth, but it is also a unique healing plant. It has numerous medicinal properties for the benefit of mankind.
    • A jade plant growing in a home reflects the health condition of the people living in the family. 
    • It has the ability to absorb negative energy and when it absorbs a lot of it, it gets sick and starts drooping.
    • The deep green leaves of this plant resemble the mineral jade which is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in feng shui.

    How To Take Care Of Jade or Crassula Plant

    Crassula Plant Vastu

    Jade plant or Crassula Ovata is one of the most common and popular succulent plants. They are very popular as house plants because of the fact that they need very little care to survive and can grow in most indoor conditions.

    This plant requires very little water to survive in the winter and not much even in the summer. As such, it is susceptible to over-watering if one does not have proper knowledge about this plant.

    These plants do not require a lot of sunlight. The green color of the plant is completely lost and is replaced by faded yellow color if the plant is exposed to harsh sunlight.

    The jade plants like most succulent plants need at least five to six hours a day of bright sunlight to grow properly. As such you can keep them by a window that receives sunlight for a few hours in the day.

    The jade plants prefer a potting mix that is fast draining. They do not like to be in the wet soil for too long. If the soil stays constantly wet then the plant becomes susceptible to fungus diseases and root rot.

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