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Ishan Kon | Meaning Direction And All Details Explained

    Ishan kon is considered as one of the most auspicious parts in Hindu mythology and Vastu Shastra. The word ‘Ishan’ means the place of the Gods and the word ‘Kon’ means an angle. Hence Ishan kon is considered to be the most sacred part of any house or commercial building. It is believed that this part of the house influences the health, wealth, success, and prosperity of the inhabitants of the house.

    It is believed that positive powerful vibrations and energies flow through the northeast direction of your home. This is the reason that many Vastu Shastra experts suggest to keep this direction or part of your home either open or with light construction. If this corner of your home is kept open then it allows the positive and divine energy to flow freely into the house.

    As per Vastu shastra, each and every direction has a ruler or a caretaker, similarly, each direction has one ruling planet. And, according to Hindu mythology, there are eight avatars of Goddess Lakshmi and each avatar is associated with one of the eight directions. Let us have a look at the important aspects associated with the Ishan kon with the help of the following chart.

    S. No.ParticularsAssociation
    1.Ruler/ Caretaker Lord Shiva
    2.Ruling Planet        Jupiter
    3.Goddess Lakshmi Avatar  Santan Lakshmi
    4.Part Of Vastu Purush    Head
    5.Element AssociatedWater

    Meaning And Direction Of Ishan Kon

    In simple terms, Ishan kon is that part or corner of your home which is located in the extreme North-East corner of your plot, home, or commercial building. Ishan kon is located in a sub direction called the northeast direction which is located between the north direction and the east direction.

    Ishan kon has been given a lot of importance in Hindu mythology and Vastu Shastra because it is believed that this direction is the house of all the Gods. As such all the auspicious ceremonies are preferably done in this direction.

    Ishan Kon
    Ishan Kon

    Construction In Ishan Kon

    As Ishan Kon is one of the most auspicious parts of your home or commercial building, it is only logical to construct the most favorable parts of your home in this corner or direction. Let us have a look at some of the rooms or parts of your home that are considered very favorable in this direction as per Vastu shastra.

    Main Gate

    If you have an east-facing plot or a north-facing plot then you should definitely set up your main gate or entrance gate in the northeast direction. This allows the positive energy and good vibrations to directly enter your house through the main or entrance gate.

    Pooja Room or Mandir

    Puja room or Mandir is a place in which the holy or divine acts and ceremonies are done. And Ishan kon being the house of the Gods is considered very favorable for constructing puja room or mandir. As such, if there is a possibility of constructing a pooja room in this part of your plot then you should definitely go for it.

    Study Room And Study Table

    Ishan kon is also considered very favorable for the intellectual and spiritual awakening of inhabitants of the house. It is believed that the Santan Lakshmi avatar of Goddess Lakshmi looks over this direction. Hence it becomes a very important direction for your kids, and thus you should consider making a study room in this direction.

    Garden Area

    Many Vastu experts suggest keeping this area open to allow maximum flow of positive and divine vibrations from this direction. If you wish to keep this direction open then you can plan for a beautiful garden or a lawn in this direction.

    Reception Area In Commercial Place

    If you own a commercial building or office then you can plan for a reception area or a waiting area in the Ishan kon part of your building. This will help you to maximize the good business opportunities.

    Ishan Kon Vastu Purush
    Ishan Kon Vastu Purush

    Important Tips For Ishan Kon In Vastu Shastra

    • Ishan Kon should always be kept clean and hygienic, if any kind of dirt or garbage is piled up in this direction then it can attract a lot of negative energy and vibrations.
    • If there is any kind of slope in your house or commercial property then it should be towards the northeast direction or Ishan Kon, this slope should never be in the opposite direction.
    • The properties which are extended towards the northeast direction or the Ishan Kon are also considered to be very auspicious, and this is the reason these kinds of properties are very much in demand.
    • Out of the five elements, the element associated with the Ishan kon is water. This means that any kind of natural water source like a hand pump, bore well, or a normal well, is considered very favorable in this direction.
    • It is believed that water originating from this direction brings health, wealth, and prosperity to the house.
    • Any kind of Vastu dosh related to the Ishan kon can prove to be very harmful to you and your family, as such you should really take care of all the aspects related to this part.

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