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How To Get Rid Of Flies – Best Tested Fly Repellent Methods

    Almost everybody in the world wants to know how to get rid of flies, for obvious reasons. They are one of the most annoying and irritating flying little creatures on the planet earth.

    No matter how hard you try to push them away, they just come back again and again. Irritating people is not the only thing that makes them the flying devils, they are pretty harmful too.

    The house flies generally feed and breed in all kinds of wrong stuff like garbage, decaying matter, rotten food items, feces, etc. This means that they are always in close contact with harmful bacteria.

    how to get rid of flies

    And guess what? They are pros at transporting these harmful pathogens everywhere they go and to everyone they touch. As such it becomes very important for you to get rid of the flies at the earliest.

    In this article, we are sharing some of the best house fly control methods that we have tested in our homes. These house fly repellent methods actually worked pretty well for us and we hope the same for you.

    Get Rid Of Flies With Lemon And Cloves

    We tried this method for a week and it worked pretty well for us. For keeping the flies away with this method you need to cut a lemon in half and place each half on a plate.

    After placing the cut half of the lemon on the plate poke about eight to ten cloves in each lemon half. Now put the plate in the places where these house flies, bug you the most.

    Within an hour, you shall see the difference as the lemon and cloves work. It is an impressive way to keep the flies away although you would have to keep changing the lemon and cloves every day for best results.

    get rid if house flies

    Plastic Water Bag – Best Fly Repellent

    For this method, you need to fill some transparent and clean plastic bags with water. Now hang these bags around the doors and windows to stop flies from coming inside your home. Quite simple. right?

    The science behind this is that the transparent water bag reflects the natural light in multiple directions. This somehow confuses the flies and they lose their orientation and fly away.

    Make sure you place the bag in a place where there is a proper light source or else it won’t work at all. We found this to be an amazing, super easy, effective, and cheap way to keep the house flies away.

    Camphor Smoke To Get Rid Of House Flies

    This is one of the best house fly repellent methods out of the ones that we tried. The house flies do not like the smell of camphor at all and the camphor smoke makes them run away fast.

    The camphor also has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties that will make your home healthier and insect free. You can either burn the camphor or else you can use a camphor diffuser.

    The diffuser releases fumes from the camphor and creates a scent in the room that repels the flies. Make sure you keep the windows closed for some time so that the scent can stay for a while in the room.

    get rid of flies

    Boiling Mint Leaves To Keep Flies Away

    Mint leaves have an amazing aromatic smell, that does not seem that amazing to flies. This is the reason when the mint leaves are boiled and their scent spreads around, the flies run away.

    It is also seen that the flies like to stay clear of plants like Tulsi and mint. Many people plant Tulsi and mint in their homes to discourage flies to come into their homes.

    But this method includes regular work at your end. And when the scent of the mint leaves dissipates these stubborn house flies will try to enter your house again to irritate you.

    Milk And Pepper Trap To Catch House Flies

    You can use the old way of preparing the trap for catching the house flies. You need to take a glass of milk, some sugar, and black pepper powder for making the trap for house flies.

    Take the milk and put it on the stove to boil it, add two tablespoons of sugar and black pepper, and boil them on a low flame for at least fifteen minutes.

    Then cool it and pour it onto flat plates and put them around the house. The flies will get attracted to the trap, it works, but it is a messy method and it will consume a lot of your time.

    fly repellent

    Cinnamon Stick Steam Fly Repellent

    You can also try to keep the house flies away with the help of steam and scent from boiling the cinnamon sticks in your kitchen. These boiling tricks are useful mostly for keeping the flies away from the kitchen.

    Generally, you will not have the luxury of time to boil things anywhere else than the kitchen. Cinnamon sticks are not very cheap, boiling them will keep the flies away but it will come at a price.

    Also as soon as the smell of the cinnamon stick goes away the flies will come back into the house. So this method is not that easy to execute and it is also not effective for very long.

    Few Tips To Avoid House Flies At Home

    • Prevent house flies from returning by keeping your property as clean as possible.
    • Do not leave out exposed food, always keep the floors, sinks, and counters dry and clean.
    • Always take out the trash can in time and empty it regularly and keep the trash can clean too.
    • Clean the kitchen on a regular basis and do not let decaying organic material accumulate anywhere in the home.
    • Do not let the water accumulate in your home and at any nearby place around your home.


    We all know house flies are annoying and harmful pests, but how do we keep our house free of these unwanted guests? Well, you can control them yourself with any of the methods that we shared with you in this article.

    We have tested these methods ourselves and found them useful to get rid of the house fly problem. We personally suggest using the Transparent Plastic Bag method and Lemon And Clove method, both of them are easy and effective.

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