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How To Clean Kitchen Tiles – Best Easy And Effective Ways

    How to clean kitchen tiles in easy and effective ways? This is a concern for a lot of people all around the world. The kitchen tiles are the main victims of the daily routine tasks that we do in the kitchen.

    The tiles on the wall get a lot dirtier than the tiles on the floor. This happens more in the kitchens that do not have proper provisions of chimney and ventilation. The dirt on the tiles and grout gets accumulated with time and it is quite a task to deal with it.

    Especially if you do not have proper knowledge about how to clean the kitchen tiles. There are a few easy tips and tricks that you can follow to get rid of this sticky mess quite easily. And the best thing is that all of this can be done in a matter of minutes.

    how to clean kitchen tiles

    Things Required For Cleaning Kitchen Tiles

    • Dish Soap
    • Detergent
    • Few Lemons
    • Salt
    • Wipes
    • Scrubbing Pads
    • Old Towels
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Lukewarm Water

    Easy And Effective Ways To Clean Kitchen Tiles

    There are a few easy ways to clean your kitchen tiles in a very effective manner at your home. These procedures include a combination of your daily use items to clean the kitchen tiles efficiently. Let’s have a look at these easy and effective ways.

    DIY Cleaning Liquid For Cleaning Tiles

    For making this cleaning liquid you will need

    • Five tablespoons of table salt.
    • Five tablespoons of liquid detergent.
    • Five Lemons.

    Take a bowl and mix salt and the liquid detergent. You can increase or decrease the quantity according to the surface area to be cleaned. Cut the lemons and squeeze the juice into this mixture. More lemon juice can be used if the area is very dirty.

    1. Now take this mixture and apply it to all of the dirty tiles.
    2. Let this liquid sit on the tiles for some time so that it can breakdown the sticky dirt.
    3. Then with the help of a cleaning brush clean all the tiles firmly to remove the stubborn stains.
    4. After sometime clean all the tiles with the help of a wet cloth to get shiny and clean tiles.
    5. Use a dry towel or cloth to wipe off excess water and to get properly clean tiles.

    Cleaning Tiles With Baking Soda And Vinegar

    A lot of people complain that there are stains on the kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles that don’t go off easily. There is a very simple solution to get rid of these stains. All you need is some white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.

    1. Take an appropriate quantity of white vinegar as per your cleaning area.
    2. Add baking soda and lemon juice to it to make a quick cleaning solution.
    3. Apply this solution to all the dirty and messy tiles in your kitchen.
    4. This solution can be used for both floor and wall tiles of the kitchen.
    5. The strong chemicals of this solution will quickly act on all the grease and stains.
    6. You can scrub with the help of a scrub pad on the areas which have sticky stains.
    7. Use a wet towel to wipe and clean the whole area and then finally clean it with a dry towel.
    how to clean kitchen tiles

    How To Clean Kitchen Grout

    Cleaning grout can be a little more time taking than cleaning the tiles. The grout absorbs the dirt quite easily, as such these spaces can store a lot of grease and bacteria.

    The first thing you should do is spray the grout line with a liquid cleaner. The multipurpose liquid cleaner can be used for cleaning the grout effectively. The second thing that you need to do is apply baking soda to the grout line.

    This will form a paste and that paste will help you to get a clean and hygienic grout. Let this paste sit for about 15 minutes and then scrub it gently with the help of a brush or scrubber.

    The final step is to clean it with a wet cloth and then let it dry off completely.

    How To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

    The kitchen and the drain pipes in our kitchen usually get clogged because of the accumulation of dirt and waste. This creates a lot of smell and mess in the kitchen. But there is quite an easy way to unclog the kitchen sink.

    You can try this quick fix and avoid calling the plumber for these small issues. All you have to do is take some baking soda and normal salt. Mix them together and pour on the kitchen sink in the powder form as they are.

    After that, you have to pour white vinegar on the sink and let it stay there for a while. You will notice that your drain will get unclogged somewhere in 15 minutes to half an hour.

    How To Clean Kitchen Tiles – Important Tips

    1. Before cleaning the tiles first check the type of tiles that you have in your kitchen so that you can clean them properly.
    2. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure or force for cleaning the tiles. Using the right solution will easily get rid of all the dirt.
    3. Do not use any harsh chemicals or acids for cleaning your kitchen tiles as they can spoil your sink, utensils, or any other appliances.
    4. Do not use a metal scrubber for cleaning the tiles as it can scratch the tiles, this decreases the shine and beauty of the tiles.
    5. Try cleaning the kitchen tiles at regular intervals so that they do not get excessively dirty and messy.
    6. Also, clean the large spillages as soon as it happens so that it does not stain the tiles.

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