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How Auto Clean Chimney Works – Kitchen Chimney – Full Details

    If you are moving into a new house or remodeling the kitchen of the house that you currently live in. Then there are a few factors that you should definitely consider. One of the important factors is, choosing the correct kitchen chimney for your kitchen.

    A good kitchen chimney shall be able to properly collect all the dangerous fumes and evacuate them away from your home. It should also be able to collect all the oil and grease that comes along with the smoke and fumes. And it shall further remove all the odor and odd smells that might otherwise linger around your home.

    If you choose the right kitchen chimney for your kitchen, it saves you hours of cleaning time and also reduces the maintenance troubles. An appropriately chosen kitchen chimney will very well extend the time period between the repainting of your kitchen area.

    It will give you a clean and fresh kitchen that you can enjoy every day. Choosing the correct kitchen chimney not only protects your home but also adds a certain amount of value to it.

    how auto clean chimney work

    Auto Clean Chimney vs Normal Chimney

    FeaturesAuto Clean ChimneyNormal Chimney
    Oil CollectorIt has non stick oil collector to collect oil and grease, it is detachable and can be cleaned regularly.There is no oil collector, oil and grease get stuck in the filter, and as such regular cleaning activities are required.
    MaintenanceLow maintenance as collector can be detached and cleaned easily in a month’s time.High maintenance as the filters have to be cleaned extensively, requires proper care for good performance.
    DurabilityDue to low maintenance and less wear and tear they are more durable.Less durable as compared to the auto clean kitchen chimneys.
    Suction PowerSuction power is higher in auto clean chimneys as oil particles do not stuck and clog the filter.Suction power is comparably lower than auto cleaning chimneys because of oil clogs in the filter.
    CostThe initial cost of auto clean chimney is higher than that of normal chimney.The maintenance cost of normal chimney may turn out to be a lot more than the auto clean chimney.

    What Is Auto Clean Chimney

    The primary purpose of an auto clean kitchen chimney is to properly ventilate your kitchen by removing the smoke, odor, steam, and heat. It also facilitates proper absorption and trapping of oil or grease. So that it doesn’t end up on the walls, cabinets, and other appliances of your kitchen.

    The auto clean chimney is a chimney that is equipped with an aluminum non-stick turbine blower through which the cooking smokes and fumes pass. And due to the centrifugal forces inside the chimney, the oil particles are forced to move towards the blower wall.

    From here the oil and grease are collected in an easy to remove, detachable and washable collector or bowl. These detachable oil collector bowls have to be washed at regular intervals depending on the usage in the kitchen.

    auto clean chimney
    Auto Clean Chimney

    How Auto Clean Chimney Works

    Although various auto clean chimneys have a few different functions depending on the brand and model they broadly operate on similar principles. An auto clean chimney is used in conjunction with a stovetop to vent steam, heat, oil particles, grease, and food odors to the exterior of the home.

    The kitchen air is sucked by the auto clean chimney through the chimney hood with the help of a fan motor. This fan motor is energized by voltage sent to the motor when the fan switch is actuated.

    The suction power catches all the fumes and smoke and along with the fumes and smoke, the oil particles are also collected by the auto clean chimney. And they are further passed to the oil container that can be detached and cleaned easily.

    The remaining hot steam, fumes, odor, gases are thrown out by the chimney via the pipes that are set to open outside the house.

    Advantages of Auto Clean Chimney

    1. The auto clean chimney does not require a lot of maintenance. Although its initial cost is high, it actually turns out to be cost-effective in long run.
    2. It saves a lot of your time as it does not involve the continuous efforts that are to be done in the filter cleaning process of the normal kitchen chimney.
    3. It prevents the oil, grease particles that affect the suction power of the kitchen chimney. And hence reduce the kitchen chimney performance.
    4. The aluminum non-stick turbine blower present in the auto clean chimney prevents oil clogging. Therefore, it increases the durability of the internal parts of the chimney.
    5. The auto clean chimney keeps the kitchen cabinets clean, free from oil and grease with the usage of chimneys with proper suction capacity.

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