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Gypsum Board False Ceiling – Best Ceilings And Designs

    The gypsum board false ceiling is gaining a lot of popularity in the false ceiling niche. It offers a lot of advantages over its other counterparts and this is the main reason for its increasing popularity.

    With gypsum boards, you can make a plethora of designs and patterns for the ceilings. The ceiling made with gypsum boards looks really beautiful because it allows giving an amazing finish to the ceiling.

    Gypsum board false ceiling is also known as dry board false ceiling or panel board false ceiling. These boards give an easy and fast option of making a false ceiling in your home.

    gypsum board false ceiling

    In this article, we are going to tell you about the gypsum board false ceiling, its advantages, its disadvantages, its price, and its installation process in detail.

    What Is Gypsum Board False Ceiling

    Gypsum board false ceiling is made with the help of gypsum boards, metal strips, screws, and wires. A gypsum board is a board or panel which is made up of calcium sulfate dihydrate which is sandwiched between thick sheets of special types of papers.

    These boards are made in a rectangular shape so that they can be easily used for construction purposes. They are resistant to fire and heat, they are light in weight, and also offer a fair amount of noise reduction. As such they are one of the most suitable materials for making false ceilings.

    Advantages Of Gypsum Board False Ceiling

    Easy to install

    Gypsum board false ceiling is quite easy to install especially if you do not choose a very complicated design for your ceiling. In a PoP false ceiling, a lot of work has to be done even after setting the basic structure.

    But in the gypsum board false ceiling there are readymade boards that have to be screwed on to the structure. This can be done quite easily with the help of an automatic screwdriver machine.

    Clean way of making a false ceiling

    Gypsum board false ceiling offers you a very clean method for making your false ceiling. This makes it a very suitable option for making the false ceiling even after the flooring has been done.

    This method of false ceiling does not create a lot of mess in your house.

    Less time consuming

    This fall ceiling does not consume a lot of time as it involves fixing the readymade gypsum boards into the structure. The only time-consuming portion of the gypsum board false ceiling process is the structure making part.

    After the structure has been properly set up, the rest of the process can be easily done in very little time.

    gypsum board false ceiling advantages

    The durability of the material

    The gypsum boards are prepared in the factories with an automated process. A good quality gypsum board can last for a very long period of time especially if it is properly embedded in the structure.

    Along with the good quality gypsum board, it is also essential to use good quality aluminum or other metal strips to maintain the durability of the ceiling.

    Thermal insulation

    The ceiling made from gypsum boards is highly resistant to heat and as such it provides a fair amount of thermal insulation to your room. A false ceiling is prepared at least one foot down than the actual sealing.

    This further helps in keeping your room cool as only the actual ceiling gets heated from the heat of the Sun. And these gypsum boards do not allow the heat to pass through them, keeping the room cool.

    Noise reduction

    Along with the thermal insulation, the gypsum boards also possess the quality of noise reduction. As such they offer a fair amount of sound insulation and help to keep your room less noisy.

    This property of noise reduction is especially helpful for people who have noisy neighbors upstairs.

    Energy cost saving

    The gypsum boards help to maintain the cooler temperatures inside your room, this means that you will have to use your air conditioner for less time.

    This is you to save a lot on the energy cost especially during the summer season.

    Installation Of Gypsum Board False Ceiling

    The installation of the gypsum board false ceiling is quite similar to the installation of the P O P false ceiling. For the installation of a gypsum board false ceiling, below mentioned steps are followed.

    Measurement of dimensions

    The first step in the installation process used to measure the dimensions of the ceiling. As per the length and the breadth of the ceiling amount of material for making the structural foundation and the number of gypsum boards are decided.

    Formation of structure

    The structure for setting up the ceiling is constructed by fixing the metal strips in the walls and ceiling. These metal strips are generally made of aluminum. These strips are firmly fixed in the wall with the help of screws and wires. Making a strong structure is very important because this structure has to bear the weight of all the gypsum boards.

    Setting up of the electrical structure

    After the structure has been formed the electrical wires are to be laid down inside the structure. The electrical wires are carefully set in accordance with the design of the ceiling. Proper provisions of points have to be made in which later lED lights are placed.

    gypsum board false ceiling installation

    Fitting of gypsum boards

    After a strong structure has been laid down and electrical setup is done, the gypsum boards are screwed on the metal strips of the structure. These gypsum boards are fixed on these metal strips at various places with the help of strong screws. Various types of designs can be formed by making the structure as per the design plan for the ceiling.

    Placing the LED lights

    After fixing the gypsum boards have been fixed the holes for the fitting of LED lights are to be cut out from the board. One should make the holes carefully as per the size of the lights of the ceiling. After making the holes the connection of LED lights is done with the wires in the lights are fixed in the ceiling.

    Finishing and color

    Once the gypsum boards have been properly attached to the structure the next step is to give it a proper finishing. And once the ceiling is given a proper finish the final step is to apply the color or texture.

    Gypsum Board vs PoP Ceiling

    S.N.FactorGypsum Board False CeilingPlaster of Paris False Ceiling
    1.TimeTakes lesser time as the gypsum boards can be directly fixed to the structure.Takes more time as the paste of PoP has to be pasted to the structure to make required design and pattern.
    2.ClealnlinessIt does not create a lot of mess as the readymade boards can be easily fit to the structure without causing a lot of mess.It makes a lot of mess because while putting the PoP paste on the ceiling a lot of it drops on the floor.
    3.DesignsA lot of designs can be made with gypsum boards, but they come in rectangular shape so making round designs can be a bit tricky.Any design or pattern can be made with PoP. Making round, oval, and irregular design is easier than making it with gypsum boards.
    4.CostThe overall cost depends on a lot of factors like the type of material, quality of material, design, pattern, etc.
    It is an inexpensive option.
    With Plaster of Paris also the cost depends on factors like the type of material, quality of material, design, pattern, etc. It is also a cheap option.

    Price Of Gypsum Boards

    The gypsum board false ceiling is not very expensive rather it is an inexpensive option which anyone can use. The gypsum boards are available in the market in two main variants. One is a normal gypsum board and the other one is a waterproof gypsum board.

    The price of a normal gypsum board is around Rupees 400 per board and the price of the waterproof gypsum board is around Rupees 800 per board. The size of the board is generally 6 feet by 4 feet.

    The overall cost of a gypsum board false ceiling is also not very high. If you calculate the price of the ceiling per square feet then it can fall in the price range of Rupees 70 per square feet to Rupees 150 per square feet depending upon the quality of material you choose and the design of the ceiling.

    Disadvantages Of Gypsum Ceiling

    • People who are using gypsum board false ceiling complain that after some time the gypsum boards get loose. And this makes the ceiling look uneven. This problem generally arises when one does not fix the gypsum board properly with the screws.
    • If you do not use good quality aluminum strips for making the structure of the false ceiling then it can cause serious problems for you afterward.
    • When you join gypsum boards to the structure there is a little gap between the two adjacent gypsum boards. You need to fill this gap properly filled with the compound to give the ceiling a proper finish.
    • It is quite hard for the installer to make round and oval shapes of ceilings with gypsum boards. The gypsum board comes in a rectangular shape, and cutting it into round and oval shapes is quite difficult.

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