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Guest Room Vastu Tips – Make Comfy Bedroom For Visitors

    Following Vastu tips for making or arranging your guest room can be a big advantage for you. It can help you to set a good impression of yourself and your home on the guests and visitors. These Vastu tips will make the guest bedroom a place in which they can rest properly and enjoy their stay.

    In our tradition guests have been given a place equivalent to the Gods. As such, it becomes very necessary for you to treat them with warmth and hospitality. You do not need to make any big changes, a few simple Vastu tips for the guest room can help you in a big way to achieve this.

    You want your guests to stay happily and comfortably in your home. But at the same time, you do not want them to overstay their welcome. If you do not follow Vastu guidelines for your guest room then it can lead to bad experiences for the guests. It can increase their interference in home matters, and it can also affect the overall positivity of the home.

    Guest Room Vastu

    Best Direction For Guest Room As Per Vastu

    The best direction for making the guest room as per Vastu shastra is the Northwest direction of your home. Air is the element of this direction, and the basic nature of the air or wind is to move from one place to another. It flows freely and never stays stable at one place.

    If you cannot make your guest room in the Northwest direction because of some constraints, then you should make this room in the Southeast or south direction. These directions are also favorable for making the guest bedroom in your home.

    So when you make the guest room in the Northwest corner of your home it ensures that your guests stay for only an appropriate period of time in the home. If your guests stay for an appropriate time period then it saves a lot of inconveniences for the homeowners.

    Guest Room Vastu Direction

    Directions To Avoid For Guest Room As Per Vastu

    You should not make the guest room in the Northeast direction of the home. This direction is the Ishan Kon and it is most suitable for making the pooja room in your home. Improper utilization of this direction can create major Vastu dosh in the home.

    You should also not make the guest room in the North and the East directions. These directions are the directions that allow the flow of positive energy in the home. As such they should be used for making other important parts of the home.

    The Southwest direction of the home is probably the least favorable direction for making the guest room. Earth is the element of this direction and it brings stability and steadiness. And these are the qualities that you definitely do not want for your guest room.

    The guest room should also not be made in the center area of the home. This area is all known as ‘Brahmasthan’. It is preferable to keep this area open or with light occupancy. As such, a guest bedroom is not at all favorable in this area.

    Guest Bedroom Internal Arrangement As Per Vastu

    Guest Room Vastu Tips

    Along with making the guest room in the right direction, it is also very important to arrange the guest bedroom as per Vastu guidelines. This ensures to maintain the right energies and vibrations in this room.

    Let’s have a look at some of the important features that you should keep in mind while setting the arrangement of a guest room.

    • You should ensure to keep the bed in this South or Southwest direction of the guest room.
    • The entrance gate of the guest room should be in the North, East, or Northeast direction of the room.
    • They should not be any beam above the bed of the guests in the guest bedroom.
    • The placement of the bed should be in such a way that it should not be exactly in front of the entrance gate.
    • You should place the television and mirror on the wall in the North direction of the guest bedroom.
    • Other electronic items like an electric kettle can be placed in the Southeast direction of the room.

    Guest Room Vastu – Important Tips

    Guest Bedroom Vastu
    • Place the wall clock, scenery, or any other kind of picture decoration items on the north wall of the room.
    • You should use shades of colors like white, light grey, or pink for painting the walls of the guest room.
    • The guest room can have an attached bathroom and most preferably it should be in the Northwest direction of the room.
    • You should not place a pooja mandir, photo frames, or idols of God in the guest room.
    • There should also be a sitting place in the guest room, so make sure to place a sofa set in this room.
    • While sleeping on the bed the head of the guests should be towards the South or West direction.
    • And while sitting on the sofa set the best directions to face are the north and East directions.
    • Also, make sure that there is proper provision for proper lighting and ventilation in the guest room.

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