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Geopathic Stress – Detail Information And Remedies

    Geopathic stress is caused by the resonance of the earth at a high frequency which is not favorable for the health of humans. The presence of geopathic stress zones under the homes is not a common phenomenon, and it is rather quite rare.

    The term Geopathic is derived from the Latin words, Geo which means earth, and Pathic which means disease. It is very crucial to properly diagnose the presence of a geopathic stress zone in an area to work towards remedies to counter its effects.

    The level of frequency in the area or zone of geopathic stress is quite high. As such, it can have a serious impact on the health of the inhabitants of that place. So it is better to properly analyze it and to find solutions to counter it.

    In the worst-case scenario, the high frequency in the geopathic zones can reach as high as 250 Hertz. This clearly shows that they can have serious implications on the health of people living in such zones.

    Geopathic Stress

    What Is Geopathic Stress

    Our earth has a natural electromagnetic field that resonates at an approximate frequency of 7.8 Hertz. But at some areas in the earth, this frequency gets high and these areas or zones are the geopathic zones.

    The distortion of the electromagnetic field of the earth because of various factors leads to the formation of these geopathic zones. The lines of this high-level frequency inside the earth are the geopathic lines.  

    Formation Of Geopathic Stress Zones

    Geopathic Stress Causes

    The geopathic zones can form because of many factors like cracks in the mantle or core of the earth, underground mineral deposits, an underground stream of contaminated water, underground cavities, etc.

    These underground structural changes can lead to the emission of high-frequency radiations from the underground earth layers. Different geopathic zones have different levels of radiation and as such different levels of effects on people.

    Effects Of Geopathic Stress

    The geopathic stress lines can have negative effects on the inhabitants if they pass under the plot of the house. And if these lines intersect at a point then their severity becomes even more.

    The geopathic stress zones can have a serious impact on the health of people in that area. If people stay for a long duration in such areas or zones then it can also lead to serious diseases.

    In zones with less severity, geopathic stress can cause sleep disorders, restlessness, exhaustion, fatigue, headache, migraines, and other such problems. And in more severe zones it can cause serious illness like infertility and cancer.

    Geopathic Stress Scanner

    Geopathic Stress Scanner

    The scanning of geopathic lines can be done with the help of the geopathic scanner. This scanner can help in scanning and locating the exact points of geopathic stress lines beneath a particular area.

    Hence, if you have any doubt regarding the presence of geopathic lines beneath your home, you should thoroughly scan your property to locate all the geopathic lines under your premises.

    Geopathic Stress Impact On Environment

    Geopathic stress lines can have a big impact on the vegetation of an area if they pass under the area. This zone can lead to abnormal growth of tree trunks, it can also make trees unproductive, and it can also lead to mass destruction of vegetation.

    The point at which the geopathic lines intersect each other is prone to get affected by lightning. The lightning strikes at this point because lightning is positively charged and the geopathic point is negatively charged.

    It is also believed that if geopathic lines cross under the area of road or highway then it becomes an accident-prone zone. This is because the radiations in this zone affect decision making resulting in more accidents.

    Geopathic Stress Remedies

    Geopathic Stress Remedies

    If the geopathic lines pass under your property then you take the help of geopathic rods which are generally made from copper, brass, or steel rods. You can place these geopathic rods above each individual geopathic line.

    This will help in nullifying the negative radiations of the geopathic lines. After placing the rods they will emit positive radiations that will enter the earth’s crust and suppress the negative radiations and protect your home from harmful radiations.

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