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Ganesh Idols For Home – Right Place Color Direction In Detail

    If you wish to choose Lord Ganesh idols for your home or you already have them at home, you should have proper knowledge regarding these idols. This will not only keep you informed of the best ways to get Lord Ganesha’s blessing but will also help to avoid associated negative aspects.

    As per Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is believed to be a symbol of a new start. Whenever new work or task is started it is done by recalling the name of Lord Ganesh. Also, all the Pujas and religious ceremonies in the Hindu religion are started by worshipping Lord Ganesh first.

    As per astrology, Lord Ganesha is associated with planet Ketu, which is also known as the Dragon tail planet. Ketu represents the process of evolution and refinement, and Lord Ganesh represents the initiation process or the beginning process.

    lord ganesh idols for home

    So if you want a new beginning and new positive things to happen in your life then you should definitely keep Lord Ganesha’s idol in your home. Let’s understand in detail how Ganesha Idol can be beneficial to you and your family members if used properly.

    The Concept Of Lord Ganesha Idols

    In Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha holds a very significant place, there are so many good virtues and omens associated with him. He is considered as the God of spontaneity, intellectual, good thoughts, and intelligence. Let’s understand the concept of an idol of Lord Ganesh as per Hindu religion.

    The Head

    Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant which represents wealth, power, and prosperity. Elephants are a symbol of richness and prosperity, in the old times only very rich or royal people had the luxury of owning an elephant.

    Small Eyes

    The small eyes in the idol of Lord Ganesha represent keen observation, concentration, and focus. They are a symbol of working with a focused mind towards goals.

    The Trunk

    Lord Ganesha uses the trunk to remove the obstacles and to retain the good things. So the trunk of Lord Ganesha’a idol is a symbol of positive change, strength, and adaptability.

    Big Ears

    The big ears in the idol or statue of Lord Ganesha symbolize the ability to pay attention. One should listen with patience and perceive things properly before responding or reacting.

    lord ganesh idols at home

    Small Mouth

    The mouth in the idol of Lord Ganesh is generally hidden behind the trunk, it is a symbol of speaking at the appropriate time. Intellectual people listen more and speak only when it is necessary.

    One Tusk

    Lord Ganesha has only one tusk and this is why he is also known as ‘Ekdanta’. The one tusk in the Lord Ganesha’s idol represents sacrifice, discarding the bad, and retaining the good.

    Four Hands

    The first hand of Lord Ganesha idol holds an ax which is the symbol of cutting negativity in life. The second hand holds a conch that represents being sweet and pleasant to others.

    The third hand of Lord Ganesha Idol shows the sign of blessing which represents giving to others and protecting others in life. The fourth hand holds a Modak which represents the sweet reward of good Karma in life.

    The Mouse

    The mouse which is the ride of Lord Ganesha represents ego and fear, that is why it is shown at the bottom, to show that these qualities should be suppressed.

    Best Direction To Keep Lord Ganesha Murti

    There is no bad or good direction when it comes to placing the idols of Lord Ganesha in the home. The different directions of the house are associated with different aspects of one’s life.

    And the statue of Lord Ganesha symbolizes a new beginning, initiation, and activation. He is also known as ‘Vighnaharta’ which means ‘One who removes the obstacles’.

    So if you keep the statue of Lord Ganesha in a particular direction it will enhance the energy and vibrations of that direction. And it will also help in removing any kind of obstacles that are stopping the benefits of that direction or zone.

    So let’s understand the importance of the idol of Lord Ganesh in various directions of the home.

    best direction for ganesh murti idol

    Lord Ganesh Statue In North Direction

    The North is the direction of wealth and prosperity, so if you place the idol of Lord Ganesh in the North direction it will enhance the opportunities for wealth and prosperity in your home.

    When placing the statue of Lord Ganesh in the North direction you should keep an idol of Mahalakshmi along with the idol of Lord Ganesh.

    Lord Ganesh Idol In Northeast Direction

    Keeping the idol of Lord Ganesha in the Northeast direction is very favorable for the activation of the mental energies. People who want to increase the focus and concentration of their children should keep Lord Ganesh in the Northeast.

    People involved in intellectual work should also keep the idol of Lord Ganesh in the Northeast direction.

    Lord Ganesh Idol In South Direction

    One can also place Lord Ganesha’s idol in the South direction, he will ward off the negative energy of the South and enhance the positivity.

    Keeping the statue in the South direction is especially beneficial for those people who want to grow their fame and popularity, as the South is a direction of fame and popularity.

    Lord Ganesh Murti In East Direction

    The East direction is the direction of health, good luck, peace, and harmony in life. So if you want to enhance these aspects of your life then you can place a statue or idol of Lord Ganesha in the East direction of your house.

    Lord Ganesha Murti In West Direction

    Keeping the statue or murti of Lord Ganesha in the west direction will improve the stability and strength in your life.

    The west is the direction that provides you strength in life. It is especially helpful for people who have a job that requires strenuous efforts like an athlete or a sportsperson.

    S.N.Ganesh Idol Placement InHelps To Enhance
    1.North DirectionWealth and Prosperity.
    2.Northeast DirectionIntellectual, Focus, & Concentration.
    3.South DirectionFame And Popularity.
    4.East DirectionHealth, Peace, & Harmony.
    5.West DirectionStrength And Power.

    Ganesh Idol On The Entrance Door

    When you want to place the statue or photo of Lord Ganesha at an entrance door you should contemplate the purpose of it. An entrance door is a place from where you want to keep the negative energy out of the house and only want positive vibrations to enter in.

    As per Vastu principles, there are several ways of keeping away the negative energies from the home. Keeping Lord Ganpati’s idol is not one of them. Lord Ganesh is one of the prime Gods of the Hindu religion, one should properly place him inside the home.

    And after placing him in the appropriate direction as per your need and requirements you should also maintain the idol in proper condition. Remember, a statue is a symbol of God himself, one should treat it with reverence, one should regularly clean and worship it.

    One cannot use it as a piece of equipment for the benefit, without investing any kind of emotions into it. One can be pretty much assured that one will never see the results with this kind of attitude.

    What Should Be The Direction Of Trunk

    The direction of the trunk of Lord Ganesh should be in the left direction and towards the ‘Modak’ which Lord Ganpati holds in his left hand. This type of placement of trunk in Idol is preferable for keeping the statue in the home.

    The other direction of the trunk i.e. towards the right side is used for making big idols that are generally kept in the temples. It is said that these types of trunks have to be kept carefully with proper rules and rituals.

    Color Of The Lord Ganpati Idol

    color of lord ganesh idol

    The different colors of Lord Ganpati or Lord Ganesha’s idols have different meanings to them. The white color of the idol is associated with the peace and harmony aspect of life, and for this reason, it is suggested to keep it in the Eastern direction.

    The vermilion, sinduri, or red color of the idol of Lord Ganesha is associated with power and success. This color of the idol is especially used in the North, Northeast, and West direction.

    The statues or idols of Lord Ganesha are also available in other colors like gold, yellow, orange, etc. These colors are used to present the beloved God in different forms but they do not have any deep meanings attached to them.

    Which Places To Avoid For Ganpati Murti

    As we have discussed the Ganpati murti can be placed in many places of the house like the living room, hall, pooja room, kids’ room, etc. But there are some places where you should not keep the Ganpati murti in your house.

    These places are your master bedroom, entrance gate, balcony, gallery, parking, garage, and stairs. Make sure you keep the idol in an appropriate place within the home.

    Lord Ganesha should be close to your heart and thus he should be placed in a place where you can pray in front of him for at least a few minutes every day.

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