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French Balcony | Details, Modern Ideas and Tips

    A French balcony is a balcony that does not have the normal balcony slab on which you can step from the inside of the room to the balcony. So basically, it is a false balcony that gives you a feel of the actual balcony. This balcony is especially very helpful for those buildings and apartments which have space constraints.

    A French balcony means that you have a room that has sliding or normal doors on one of the walls that can be opened. But then there is no room ahead of that door, instead, there is a railing right across the opening that prevents you from falling down. Accordingly, with this balcony, you get the benefit of wide-open doors and a lot of fresh air but there’s no place or space to walk out and stand or sit.

    The French balcony is becoming very popular in modern-day architecture, in most of the big cities the apartments are built with limited space, and hence there is very little scope for building a conventional balcony. This is where the option of a French balcony comes in, if the law of the state permits a small protruding space can be provided ahead of the door. This small space will give you just enough space to stand on and enjoy the fresh air from the outside.

    french balcony

    Advantages of French Balcony In Homes

    There are many advantages of having a French balcony in your home, many a time it becomes impossible to construct a normal or conventional balcony in your home, in such case you can use the option of a French balcony. Let’s have a look at some of the main advantages of this balcony.

    No Requirement For Constructional Space

    In a French balcony, you do not need to build any kind of protruding ledge or space outside of your room. This means that you can place this kind of balcony in any room that has a wall that can open up to the outside of the apartment.

    This opens up many options for you, a French balcony is basically an extended window in a room. But with windows, you can do only that much, and with this kind of balcony, it is altogether a very different experience.

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    Aesthetically Pleasing

    French balconies are gaining a lot of popularity in modern-day architecture, and the use of these balconies has been mastered by many of the new age architects. Although there is very little to do with the constructional aspect of a French balcony, with the different varieties of balustrades and railings a lot of things can be done.

    This is the reason a properly constructed french balcony enhances the beauty of the apartment. If this kind of balcony is placed at an appropriate place in accordance with the elevation of the building it multi folds the aesthetics of an apartment and the building on the whole.

    Safety Feature

    A French balcony is considered to be very safe in comparison to the conventional balcony. And the families which have small kids and their homes very well understand the need for the safety feature in a balcony.

    This balcony does not only have a railing for safety but it is also equipped with a door. With a normal balcony, there is a chance of kids sneaking into the balcony space and if they are on their own, it might raise some safety issues.

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    Cost Saving

    One of the best features of a French balcony is the cost-saving that it provides. A conventional balcony requires the building of an extra ledge that protrudes outside the room, and depending upon the size of this ledge the cost of the balcony may go up.

    But with this balcony, the main cost component is the balustrade or railing. And even these railings are available in many economic and frugal options. So the overall cost of building this type of balcony is very less as compared to a conventional balcony.

    Grand Ventilation

    A French balcony gives you a lot more space is than any of the windows. If you have this type of balcony in any of the rooms it will totally light up the space of your room. If you set up this balcony in the east direction then you can enjoy the beneficial morning sunlight every day.

    And if you set up this balcony in the west direction then you can enjoy the twilight and the sunset from the very space of your room. This balcony does not only give you an ample amount of light but it also provides refreshing air from the outside.

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    How To Decorate French Balcony

    Decorating a French balcony is a very simple task because there is very little stuff that you need to do. You can easily decorate your French balcony with flowers, planters, creepers, vines, and other balcony decor items. The minimalist approach is very suitable for decorating the French balcony of your home.

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