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Food Waste Disposer – Full Guide With Working N Advantages

    A food waste disposer is an essential tool of a modern kitchen as it makes the management of food waste easy and convenient. Food waste can be a major hassle in your kitchen, if not disposed of regularly it can make your kitchen stinky, unhygienic, and a home for germs and pests.

    This is the reason more and more people are choosing food waste disposers to maintain kitchen hygiene. A food waste disposer makes things very convenient and safe for the entire family. All you have to do is run a gentle stream of water to ensure that the food waste is properly flushed away.

    Then you have to turn on the disposer and gradually feed in your food waste along with the running water for a few seconds to allow all the food waste to get properly flushed through the plumbing. The food waste disposer helps to grind the food scraps into very tiny particles.

    And then these almost liquified particles are flushed through the plumbing system. Further, this waste can be treated and used for making biogas or bio-fertilizers. Even if the waste is not utilized for this purpose the waste disposer enables proper disposal of food waste to the sewage.

    Food Waste Disposer

    Advantages Of Food Waste Disposer

    Easy To Use

    The new-age food waste disposers are very easy and convenient to use. All you have to do is put your food waste and leftovers down the sink with some water. Within a few seconds, this disposer throws the waste not just out of the kitchen but out of your home as well.

    Environment Friendly

    The disposer grinds the food waste into very fine particles almost liquefying them. Then this liquid waste is easily flushed through the plumbing of your house. This helps in decreasing the number of landfills that are caused by unmanaged solid waste.

    Powerful Equipment

    The modern food waste disposers are powerful enough to handle vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken bones, eggshells, congeal leftovers, and pretty much every other waste that is produced in your kitchen. You have to simply turn on the disposer and it does its work in seconds.

    Instant Disposal

    If you do not have a food waste disposer in your kitchen then you have to accumulate the waste and wait for the bin to get full. Only then you take the trash out and dispose of the waste. But with this disposer, you do not have to wait and you can dispose of the waste instantly.

    Food Waste Disposer advantages

    Kitchen Hygiene

    The biggest advantage of using this disposer is that it helps you to maintain kitchen hygiene. The food waste in the kitchen attracts all the germs and pests, it also creates a foul smell in the kitchen, with instant disposal you can get rid of all these issues.

    Waste Utilization

    The waste from the disposers can be treated and converted into granules that you can use again for making organic fertilizer. This treated waste can also be utilized for making biogas, as such these disposers provide a valuable twofold benefit for the environment.

    Easy To Fit

    The food waste disposer can be fit to almost any sink and it is very easy to fit and install. It is available in relatively small sizes and as such, it is quite easy to accommodate this disposer in the kitchen. You are still left with plenty of space to store other materials in the sink cabinet.

    No Drain Blockage

    The disposer allows you to you have a faster and cleaner process of disposing of the food wastage by converting it into small pieces. This helps you to avoid the blockage of drain pipes which generally happens when big pieces of waste enter the drains through the sink.

    How A Food Waste Disposer Works

    The waste or garbage disposers are designed to grind the solid foods into small particles that can be washed down the plumbing. The food garbage disposer is installed between the kitchen sink

    drain and the drain pipe which throws water and debris outside of the home.

    The food waste is flushed down the sink along with the water supply, which then drops into the chamber of the disposer onto a revolving metal plate. The spinning action forces the waste against the outer wall and within seconds it is ground into fine particles.

    These particles are small enough to drop through the tiny holes in the plate and they pass through the drain into the sewage system. The disposer uses a splash guard which prevents the water from getting thrown upwards.

    How To Choose Right Food Waste Disposer

    Choose Right Food Waste Disposer

    There are many varieties of food waste disposers available in the market and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. We are listing here some of the features take you can take into consideration for choosing the best disposer to suit your needs and requirements.

    Amount Of Noise

    Different models of garbage disposers produce different amounts of noise. So if you wish to purchase a model with the least amount of noise and also with the ability to grind challenging food scraps you will have to spend more than you would do for a budget disposer.

    Sink Opening

    You can fit the modern food waste disposer with any sink that has a 90 mm sink waste opening which is typically the standard opening nowadays in most sinks. You will also require a waste disposal sink connector kit to properly fit the disposal system.

    Single Or Double Bowl Sink

    You can fit the food waste disposers in the single bowl sink as well as the double bowl sink. The installation of a disposer does not interfere with the normal functioning of the sink, so the number of bowls in the sink does not cause any issues with installation.

    Power Requirement

    The good thing about these disposers is that they do not use a lot of power to operate. This means that your utility bills do not go up with the regular use of these units. You must ensure to check the power consumption of the food waste disposer before buying it.

    Water Usage

    While using the waste disposer you have to run cold water, this can give you an impression of a lot of water usage. But fortunately, most modern food waste disposers only require a few liters of water for their functioning.

    How To Use The Food Waste Disposer

    How To Use Food Waste Disposer

    Using the disposer is very easy, you have to just turn the cold water onto a medium stream in the sink. The water must be cold and not hot as the cold water solidifies fats and allows them to be flushed away easily.

    Turn on the disposer and gradually feed in the food scraps, continue to run the water for about ten seconds to allow it to ground food particles. The end result is the liquid waste which is flushed through the plumbing.

    The food waste disposer does not require regular servicing or manual cleaning. Make sure that you never put any kind of cleaning detergents or other chemicals in the food waste disposer.

    You can use a handful of ice cubes to clean the grinding chamber by feeding these ice cubes down the sink. You can also use some lemon wedges by feeding them at regular intervals down the sink to keep the disposer smelling fresh.

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